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Madagascar games

About Online Game Madagascar speak especially pleased. This is a free game products, filled with sparks of humor, fun, fiction, passion. Four penguins and restlessness always the case. They chase the race, collect goodies, looking for criminals, blow and experiment. They play a very interesting and you never know what trick they are ready vytvorit. Their friends are still bullies and can stick to the visitors of the zoo or invent yourself another investigation. By joining, you also need to find a pair of pictures, the puzzle, find differences.

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When you live in a society, have to put up with other people's quirks, habits and characters. One is easy to manage, while others make efforts, but there are those who consider themselves to be the best and want to rule on the rights of the company leader. Such a motley company picked up in the New York Zoo, and talks about her animated film « Madagascar » and computer games of the same name.

Spend time with your favorite characters!

Madagascar games Starting in Madagascar to play online, you have lost a reason to be sad, because you will plunge into the whirlpool of events and dive headlong into a busy life funny inhabitants of the zoo. Four restless penguins always finds an excuse for the next adventure, and come up with a way to turn everyday life in heroic deeds. Besides these there are found:

  • zebra Martin, always dreamy and pensive;
  • The Giraffe Melman who listens to his well-being and finds it the battered;
  • plump and good-natured hippopotamus Gloria;  
  • self-centered lion Alex, who dreams to live on free bread.  

Madagascar games Once Alex really lived in the wild, but it was so long ago that the memory of Alex has not kept these memories for him and now he tries in vain to bring them yourself. Other animals were born in captivity and therefore do not understand why the lion is so eager to be outside the zoo. There are well fed, clean the cells and generally provide care throughout. They can do it is to entertain the public, to keep it happy.

Penguins: Private, Rico, Kowalski and Skipper particularly friendly with each other, and while every – charismatic personality, together they real power. No real or imaginary conspiracy will not pass by them, but untangling them, somehow they always try to complicate his task by inventing and applying the complex mechanisms that never work the way it should. And, of course, let's not forget about Julian, this fervent Lemoore, adores music and dance, but most of all he likes to consider himself the king of all beasts, and require them to honor and respect.

Games Madagascar 4 are filled with humor and enthusiasm. Each episode is another toy just yet imbued with funny moments and offers various ways of passing. Together with the penguins you have to save the environment and making their way to the factory with toxic waste. A lot of obstacles and enemies waiting for them on the road, but they are not afraid, but stubbornly and bravely go forward.

Madagascar games Hurry up to play the game Madagascar

Having started to play Madagascar 2, you will develop a plan to capture the delicious nuts just hanging upside down over the high fence. While the boy is walking along it and regales peanuts, create a complex combination of the penguins and catch yummy just under the nose of the boy. But do not forget to share with elephants, or they fail the masonry, and set free all the inhabitants of the zoo. It seems that the first cracks are already gone!

Who is the heat to Julian, will be happy to spend a little time with him on the dance field, repeating all his movements. Or to protect it from the brazen Mort, who kept missing lemur legs, knowing as he does not like it. Skipper sits in an ambush and is closely monitoring Mort, as soon as he approaches, on the radio commands to attack and eliminate the little rascal.

During the game online Madagascar « Escape from Africa », in the company of Alex and Martin you will ship on the luggage belt luggage aircraft. Most of the work makes the zebra, scoring another hit hoof suitcase in a goal but the lion only laments unfortunate rolls and hops after successful. More games Madagascar 3, it's coloring books, puzzles, tag and search for items or differences.

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