Tuning games

Tuning games

every car owner wants to attract to his beautiful car note. The relationship between the driver and his vehicle always particularly warm and people even talk to them, give names. On steel decorations for ladies it is not a pity money, and they are applied to the housing application and room equipped with expensive appliances, upholster seats finest fabrics, leather and fur. Help them to make candy out of the car you can by starting to play free online games Tuning. Find a garage wheels and engine parts, paint and polish the car and apply the picture.

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Tuning game – created his own car

Tuning car games

This is certainly being a man that he always wants more of what it already has. He dreamed about the car? And finally I became the owner of the steel horse. All of it is good, but ... why something does not change. Imagination begins to work on the creation of a new image of the car, and it is impossible to stop.

Change the factory settings is called tuning. We are used to apply any transformation of the same name, but there are three areas:

  • Car Tuning – revision, change technical characteristics of the filling: suspension, engine, brakes. The purpose of such manipulation – make the car faster and more reliable. [eleven]
  • Car Styling – changes in external and internal appearance of the machine. This can be a light bottom, hauling interior, installation of audio, discoloration, printing figures. The result depends on the imagination and possibilities. The main purpose – stand out from the flow of cars, give it personality. [eleven]
  • Chip-tuning is used for modern injection vehicles to optimize the firmware. So it is possible to reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing power and obtain other useful functions. [eleven]

Having dealt with the terminology now tuning car games you will seem even more interesting.

Pimp my wheelbarrow online

Tuning car games Tuning car games In this section you will become the owner of a garage steel horses. Motorcycles, race cars, passenger cars, ATVs, trucks, sports cars, bikes, trucks and even treylerovye golf cars are your wards. Each wants to be unique, unrepeatable, and you have opened the field for the imagination and the creative process.

You can start with any model, and after its completion proceed to a new task. The menu consists of individual parts to be replaced. It is not necessary to apply all, if you think it's too much. Equip the car only the best, giving it new characteristics. But with the appearance of the work is particularly encouraging. Try each color to see how it looks as a whole. Feel free to combine colors, apply ornaments and drawings. When the machine is ready at all, try it on the track to ensure its exclusivity.

If you love quests, go to the garage, where mechanics are waiting for the command to start the repair process. In the role of mechanics will serve you, and you have little time for the intended work. If runs out of minutes, you'll be well paid. But the trouble is – a real mess in the workshop, and no one knows where hiding the necessary details. Move items and find them the title. Drop in the most unexpected corners, because even for the pipes and the ceiling can be found the whole wheel. In case of failure – did not have time to finish before the time, start again. You will surprise – now things are hidden in completely new places! Pick up a suit for the rider – a natural extension of tuning game. He must comply with his car, so doing embellishment car, remember that to be in the same style dress up his driver.

The show-tuning on the

The boys love the TV show about cars, and certainly they are familiar shows like "Pimp My Ride" and "Cool tuning." The workshop is delivered bad car, and make them masters in "candy." Sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the equipment to the last screw, then so many parts replaced, repainted the body and interior Alcantara or leather cover.

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