Cinderella games

Cinderella games

The Tale of Cinderella, probably everyone knows by heart. It's unfortunate that such processions did not happen in life. But the heroine herself surprised, because it was told to return home before midnight! So, no, he ignored and paid. A workout in punctuality help free game Cinderella online. You can also help to dress up Cinderella to the ball. You can start to play.

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The story of Cinderella

Cinderella games for girls Cinderella games for girls We are accustomed to thinking that the fairy tale of Cinderella wrote Charles Perrault, but in fact he had just outlined his own version, based on the history of other options. And his version of the story, is not like the one we are used to. In fact, Charles wrote his fairy tales are not for kids, as well as an instructive story for the entertainment of his rich friends. He laid them in a certain morality that at the end of himself and conclusions.

Option tales of other authors are more than 345, and! Another interesting fact is that the original name of Charles Perrault sounds like: « Cinderella Slipper or trimmed with fur ». But we all remember that the slipper Cinderella was crystal. So why suddenly trimmed with fur? Philologists did a little investigating and came to the conclusion that an error occurred during the translation and editing of the text. In French, the word: vair is edging of ermine or proteins. Perhaps the translator misread the word and made an erroneous transfer or once when typing and errors crept instead of vair, printed verre – glass. So a glass slipper, which was later ennobled to the crystal.

In the history of Disney is brought together slipper Cinderella and the prince, but the prince in a fairy tale just trying on footwear miniature to large size feet of her sisters. In other versions of this tale is not so harmless.

Exciting games Cinderella

Cinderella games for girls No wonder Disney offered viewers a hilarious fable, and picked up the game Cinderella set the tone. And now we will enjoy a familiar scenario and help Cinderella stepmother outwit her daughters, calling upon the magical fairy. As you know, a woman called to replace our princess's mother, held her in black body and forced to do meaningless work. Mixing the grain in one pile, she demanded to sort them anew, separating into different bags, and when in the castle of the king declared a ball, she ordered to sew for her stepdaughter and daughter outfits. And if Cinderella to cope with all this, she is also able to go to the ball. Handle it right, but here she did not what to go. And then comes to the rescue of a good fairy. It turns:

  • a pumpkin into a magnificent coach;  
  • mice and frisky horses;  
  • and coachmen in the rat.  

Do not forget about her dress and the famous glass slippers, but put a condition – return home before midnight, otherwise everything will turn back. Provided, of course, unfair, because at this time there is the most interesting. But apparently this is such an educational moment in the likeness of the parents tell you not to come back after a set time.

During Cinderella games for girls, you will pass a small quest in which repeated the whole story, but compressed to the chief. In another game, you find yourself in that moment when Cinderella fast rides in a carriage, trying to get back home. If you are going to crash into the barriers, the conversion will happen much sooner.

In addition, games for girls Cinderella – the numerous Dress, makeup, coloring books and puzzles.

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