Emo games for girls

Emo games for girls

At a young age I want to stand out, to draw attention to his person. The most common tool to become a non-standard appearance and behavior. That's subcultures are born with distinctive characteristics. To get acquainted with one of them, we offer to play for free online games Emo. They tell you in detail how to create the right image, choosing the appropriate clothing in black and purple, pink or blue colors and apply makeup according to the rules emo – pale lips and face with wide eyes at the circled arrow.

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Emo – youth subculture, which is determined by lifestyle and appearance of its followers. By nature it is vulnerable people who are inclined to romance, underlined suffering from unrequited love.

A subculture – it is an escape from society and its rules of life and opinions. Joining a group of like-minded young person feels a part of something and not so sharply over it dominates inner loneliness.

play games for girls Emo

Emo games for girls In contrast, the Goths, who are more aggressive and prefer black everything else, it is diluted at Emo bright elements in the hair, clothes, shoes and accessories. Pink, purple, violet, blue, blue parts on dark background stand out clearly and attract attention. I must admit, it looks pretty impressive and this combination resorted even those who are in this group do not classify themselves. And if you sympathize designated subculture, you will be interested to play games for girls emo.

In fact, in this area you will not see anything radically new. Topic offers to visit beauty salons, clothing stores and cook food, but it's all in the style of emo.

makes the original hairstyle

Recovering the hairdresser, you will see a whole range of services from haircuts to hair washing and dyeing hair. Having prepared for further experiments hair, you still need to follow the rules and know how to create an emo hairstyle.

  • Long hair must be diluted with a few colored strands.
  • If you have bangs, it is certainly a long and covers one eye.
  • It is possible to fasten two children's tail and decorate them with ribbons or pins. Basically it is hearts, ladybugs or other images, but it is always nice and bright in their respective colors.  
  • The same short haircut, too, has its own characteristics in addition to colors. Ahead of the hair should be longer to fall on the forehead and behind sostrizheny shorter and raised in the hedgehog.  

Make-Up Youth direction

Emo games for girls As for makeup, it is also performed with certain rules.

  • Emo give artificial face pale, like porcelain dolls. To do this takes a light tone cream and applied to the skin.  
  • eyes summed broad black arrow.
  • The lips are covered by a flesh-colored lipstick.  

This makeup allocates only the eyes, making them bright and attractive. It catches the eye and it makes you want to look at them, as if to see in the depths of the soul of a teenager. On the way you can experiment and do not necessarily adhere to standard foundations. Why not put on the eyelids also bright shade or use a bright lipstick? Not red, of course, but pink or caramel is fine.

In accordance with the style of doing nails

Emo games for girls Next, you will find Emo manicure for which must also relate to the way. There is a lot more options, and combining colors.

  • Try to use black base and apply a colored ornaments.  
  • Or, on the other hand – Marigolds make inherently more colorful and have them applied applications and stones darker tones.  

Create suit

Going to dress up, you will learn emo fashionistas wardrobe. In keeping with the designated topic, you correctly pick up outfit and accessories for boys and girls emo. Even wedding dresses are in stock and can arrange wedding youth in traditional style for this subculture.

Other stories about Emo

Emo games for girls There is also a game where your task is – cheer up a sad little girl who always sheds tears. Play around with it and get the ball to smile.

You can also sew patchwork fabric stuffed toy, stylized it under emo, sewn in the center of a broken heart and a great cook cake, decorating it with colored roses and hearts.

Emo – popular and has even somewhere traditional subculture. Unbelievable but true – girls and boys with long chelochkoy and love the black and pink have long been the same common as the metal in the « black leather jackets » or Iroquois punks with varying degrees of courage. This happened because the emo subculture gradually from the informal to become mainstream. Originally emo subculture, like most others, was formed around the love of a particular musical style and philosophy of life.

Emo music then logically called emo-core, and in the outlook prevailing focus on the emotions. It is thanks to this fashion designers to create a huge number of games for girls emo theme. As important is the appearance, the more often this dress up. They are interesting, especially the fact that convey the essence of an emo style in matters of dress. So if you want to understand how to dress up emo, go to the appropriate section of our website.

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