Luntik games

Luntik games

Free online games Luntik have prepared for you a funny meeting. From the distant night lights granted to us cute character, who immediately fell in love with the earth inhabitants. He was accepted into the family of bees, and now he collects pollen to the grandmother to cook a delicious jam, made candy and jam. Starting to play, help him to catch all the fluffy balls of pollen that most important task to perform. You will notice how your score increases, and it promises a lot of goodies. More Luntik can paint and collect puzzle or tag.

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Little Cutie

Luntik games Once on Earth has fallen very unusual creature – Luntik. He fell from the moon and is now learning to live in new conditions. In this he was helped by friends:

  • Pchelёnok
  • grasshopper Kuzma
  • ladybug Mila and others

Adventure Luntik shown in the animated series, which is designed for kids and aims to teach them courtesy, patience, kindness, and many other positive qualities.

Cartoon kids liked, and, based on a host computer toys. These are:

  • Coloring  
  • The search for differences  
  • collecting items  
  • puzzle
  • Puzzle « three in a row »

There are educational games, in which the child can learn the basics of math, solving simple examples of addition or subtraction from, for example, Luntik gives the task by adding or subtracting from the jars of jam, and the baby need to click on the correct answer. Such a game is and without mathematical operations, and with a simple study of numbers – you need to count how many cans of jam appeared on the screen and point to the correct number.

Favorite children's games Luntik

Luntik games Luntik games Various useful game Luntik and his friends in his good suit the world. For example, they can tell which things are edible and which – inedible. Here, there are items on the screen, and the player must drag them to the desired category: biscuits, chocolates, jam to edible and ball, a train, a box of – to inedible. Luntik funny games online free invite to play games with the search for differences in two almost identical pictures. It depicts the cartoon character or a small house. The two images are located nearby, and the child must be very carefully inspect them to detect inconsistencies: the star on one of the pictures will be superfluous, then purple shёrstke Luntik, a new dark purple spot. In games such reports as you need to find all the differences, and keeps track of how many have already discovered.

Also in the other games online for free Luntik playing with the children, speaking in them the main character. For example, collects pollen falling from higher plants. He runs under them with a basket, and the kid runs his movements, trying to catch each ball of pollen. And yet Luntik depicted in games coloring. They can repeat his cartoon imagery or to dream a new look over the stranger, trying to paint it in a new color. How Luntik will look with green ears? Suit whether to red spots on the tum? Their games for girls Luntik recommends and for boys – many will find in them something interesting. Sometimes one needs to save the magical forest from the loss of paints, collecting colorful chips on the playing field in a chain of three or more same-colored – so the colors back to the world Luntik. A variety of free games Luntik presented in this section of our site.

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