15 Puzzle

15 Puzzle

Today we prefer to play 15 puzzle games online, but initially, it was a pocket game, where the tiles with numbers were placed in a box, and only one tile position was left unoccupied so that the tiles inside could be moved. Now, in addition to the original, puzzle lovers can pick together pictures, which depict scenes from cartoons, comics, and landscapes, and players can do it for free. The game requires analytical thinking and skills. You may not be able to assemble the whole picture the first time, but sometimes you need to break an already stacked part in order to apply an action on which success depends. Don't be afraid to experiment and you'll be fine.

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An ancient entertainment

15 Puzzle 15 Puzzle How did people have fun when there were no mobile phones, tablets, computers, and the Internet? Do you think they couldn't keep themselves busy? It is today that we cannot imagine life without digital technologies, but there were pocket logic games that were played in moments of leisure or waiting. Examples are Rubik's cube, small labyrinths, and 15 puzzles. They fit in the palm of your hand, and were light and addictive, just like now online 15 puzzle games. It is noteworthy that the virtual version is no different from the real one. And what innovative features can be added to the simple and perfect design of this game?

Many have claimed copyright on it, but it has been established that Noah Chapman is a real inventor of this game. The idea of the game came to him in 1874, which he hurried to share with his friends, inviting them to put sixteen tiles with numbers so that each row would add up to thirty-four. Noah's son, Frank Chapman, also enjoyed the game. He brought it first to Syracuse and then to Hartford, Connecticut, to put the puzzle into production. When it appeared in Boston in 1879, the wood sculptor Matthias Rai drew attention to it. Further events speak of the fact that he liked it - Matthias decided to portray it from wooden chips, calling it Gem Puzzle, and a year later, the dentist Pevi Charles from Worcester announced a competition, promising a cash prize to the dodger who would place the tiles right way, what attracted interest to this game.

There are 15 numbered tiles in the box, and one cell is empty. The tiles with the numbers inside are randomly mixed and the players need to move them in order to put them in order. The master is the one who used the fewest moves, but if you're not competing, the number of moves doesn't matter. The result is important, and this allows you to play 15 puzzle games with pleasure.

Old 15 puzzle games conquer the Internet

15 Puzzle The principle of controlling virtual puzzles has not been changed and it is enough to click or drag a figure so that it stands in an empty place. Time is not limited, and therefore you can play for so long until you reach the result, that is, put the numbers in the right order. We also prepared a wonderful surprise for fans of logical exercises - in addition to numbers, free 15 puzzle games offer to pick together pictures. These versions are even more fun as they show pictures of animated films. This type of entertainment reminds puzzle, but instead of stacking the necessary elements on the field, you need to move the tiles inside. A little effort, and here is in front of you:

  • Winnie the Pooh with friends
  • fairies Winx,
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Batman,
  • different little animals, manga characters.

We have 15 puzzle games for little ones, where there are only a few elements, and for older players, which means that the game is more complicated. Boys can pick together weapons, robots, cars, spaceships, and ocean liners, samurai, and girls will take care of fairies and mermaids with benefit and pleasure. It’s also interesting to stack a labyrinth or pipeline with intricate bends and restore old clocks, and snowflakes.

Each game stimulates logic, the desire to find an answer and achieve a positive result. Having achieved a small victory, there is confidence and a desire to conquer higher peaks. 15 puzzle games are only the first step to the perfection of the logic of thinking. Development begins with children's games, but it is useful and very interesting to play some games later when you already have experience and skills. But while enjoying the game, it’s not at all necessary to think about the practical side, take it just as an interesting game.

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