Dolphin games

Dolphin games

Check how smart some animals will help online games Dolphin. Going into a virtual dolphin, you make friends with a few representatives of the breed, and even spend time with them for a certain useful lessons. They are easily trained math and want to test your knowledge in this area. If the answer given them an example of true get promotion in the form of game points. You can still play, putting the hoop to jump dolphins swimming in the pool with them, and in gratitude for the friendship and kindness, and lodged a new friend fish.

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Favorite sea creature

Dolphin games Dolphin is one of the most intelligent marine animals. People have long watching these lovely creatures – even there are cases when the dolphins saving drowning people, helping them reach the shore. Dolphins – the main characters of many computer games. For example, the plot of one game dolphin sail across the lagoon to find their friends. It turned out that this is quite a dangerous place, because everywhere float

  • sharks;  
  • sharp fish-urchins;  
  • Medusa;

Dolphin must jump over rocks, skirted fishing hooks, the area of ​​contaminated water, the bottoms of ships. From collisions with all of these obstacles is reduced stock of his health, which may even lead to death of the hero. Although cheerful dolphin playing happy with even the dangers – he tries to swim through the rings in the water, jumping into the air. These fun add bonus points to your account. Often it is execution of all kinds of tricks is the main goal of the game. Dolphin can swim in a restricted area of ​​the ocean where besides him there is no one in the water. He did not worry about anything, but because he is given his head to his hobby – picks up speed, makes a dizzying jumps flips. Time to set the record in the game is limited.

Games Dolphin – for the most intrepid

Dolphin games Dolphin games Sometimes the game about dolphins made in the form of competition for the range of distance that can safely swim hero. At the same time he is able to gain an impressive speed, if there is a special power in reserve that accumulates from eating dolphin fish. In such a toy dolphin you direct to swim past yummy, helping evading the floating toward predators, you give the command to jump to the dolphin was able to fly through the ring above the water surface.

Sometimes people use the dolphins not only as a clown at the Dolphinarium. It also happens that the dolphins are involved in combat operations. In a real war, they become living torpedoes, and in games – superheroes. For example, when aliens kidnap the prime minister, the government asks Laser Dolphin found in the deep ocean shipwreck aliens, then go for it in the space, to explore some of the planets and save the captured officer. This fighter is on his back so the laser system and can easily cope with the placed at the level of bombs, traps, enemies.

And during Dolphins games for girls at anyone not shoot. For example, mother's maiden Speaker Dolphin game takes place in the dolphinarium where you control a dolphin-acrobat and during his performances helping him collect bonus stars, jump over hurdles. In this fun virtual money are given for achievements in the show – they can then spend on a painting of his hero in bright colors.

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