Lego Duplo games online

Lego Duplo games online

Now, the kids can play free online games Lego Hollow, independently deciding what kind of story to go first. You can put on a balloon giraffe and rabbit, so they moved to a small shop, which will sell vegetables and remember all that book buyers. Or collected from the designer animals, pre-defined scheme of similarity with the living character. Each princess will build a castle, and to prepare the car for the race circuits, having washed her, tucking and removable wheels. There are other adventures in this category.

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Games Lego hollow for the little ones

Lego Duplo games online Games Lego hollow designed for very young gamers and therefore are an excellent material for the development of the baby. Every mother knows how kids do not like to learn, memorize the alphabet and numbers, to study writing and solving examples. Logic puzzles do not cause too much excitement when they realize that the game was over and started a science. But do not leave the same to innocent child, when in front of him a long life. It is quite another thing when there are virtual assistants – computer games, where the toddler is not just a pleasure to acquire knowledge and they fetched from the monitor will not drag until the last level will be passed. However, they do not even notice how performing the job, understands the important elements that will be useful for further study at the school. During the game online Lego hollow they can feel like a resident of the country Legoland, which takes so many interesting things. They will visit the zoo with the animals and not only remember their names, but also to hear the sounds that they make. The musical version of the bunny stands conductor of the choir, and the giraffe makes him driving balls. Exposing the characters on the keys and throwing one of the balls, the kids will hear the melody in slow or fast depending on the size of the involved ball. Each critter impatiently waiting for her to allow a place in the choir, to showcase their vocal talents. Crocodile, monkey, kitten and puppy, chicken, tiger, penguin and pig wish to quickly prove to honor a number of singers. When one singer enjoyed the action, replace it with the following by simply dragging a computer mouse. Building them in a certain order, so that their voices sounded harmoniously, you reproduce an interesting melody.

Educational games Lego hollow

Lego Duplo games online You can play online Lego hollow and develop memory. To do this, you can play in the shop where the rabbit and giraffe – sellers a small grocery store. They fit in the cloud buyers and show what goods they need. The child must remember the list as cloud disappears immediately when he starts to put food in the bag. If an object is selected properly, it will emit a nice glow, and go into the bag, but if not, the level will not be performed until all of the items will not be collected in accordance with the order. To remind the player that wants a buyer, over his head again seem field with missing products, but it is better to memorize a list, especially since it is quite short.

During the game Lego hollow cars you will meet the famous Lightning Makvin and his friends, but now instead of controlling them in the race, you will provide technical assistance. In the process of arrival can happen, anything:

  • burst tire  
  • over gasoline  
  • ryaz splattered windshield  

Lego Duplo games online Before Makvina back on the road, it must be washed, refuel and change the tire. After the important tasks can be a little bit fun. All children love to play hide and seek and are already familiar to us little animals, are not against the fun. They live in a big hole, furnished and therefore space for pryatok abound. When they run up, shine a flashlight into every corner, look under the bed, leaves for the pot, open the cabinet doors and cabinets. Without light you will see nothing but the rays of a flashlight is immediately obvious how to wiggle ears, moves back a puppy, it seemed hoof of lamb or chicken comb. Lego games hollow play a very fun and rewarding. Here there is always a new task, which is wonderful amuse young players and teach them many useful things, training logic and observation.

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