Snake Games Online

Snake Games Online

The classic snake game is known to us from the 90s when Tetris came into fashion. An always-moving snake appears on the screen, which collects food. Gradually it grows, and as it eats, its size increases. Accordingly, it is more and more difficult for the player to control the snake. Then this game appeared on mobile phones, and we played with the same enthusiasm on old Nokia and other phones. Now you can play snake games online, for free and without registration - go to the Game-Game website and play as much as you want. There are challenging and easy flash games, for kids and adults of all ages. In a word, it will be interesting for everyone without exception!

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Rules of Snake games

Snake Games Online Snake Games Online

We bring to your attention the snake games online. The task is the same as in the Snake on the phone or in Tetris: the player takes on the role of a caring mother, showing the ward the way to food. The more it eats, the less mobile it becomes. And this makes the controls complicated. Your skill as a player should show up in keeping the snake moving for as long as possible.

Oh, and don't forget about one thing - the danger isn't just about hitting the wall. You need to try not to bite the tail. In this case, the game will stop and the points you got will be calculated. If you wish (and you will have it), you can restart the game. Collect as many points as possible, improve your cyber animal control skills, and set records - we are sure you will like it.

Similarly, you can control trains, hitching more and more cars to them and trying to act in such a way that they don't cross. Or help mother fish collect all the fry, lining them up in a chain. The chain is growing, but it must not come into contact with obstacles and the chain itself.


Varieties of Snake games online

Snake Games Online There are other variations of the legendary game - when the snake doesn’t grow and doesn't lengthen, but anyway, each level becomes more difficult. And the snake is not always the main character. Sometimes you need to feed the chicken by catching the worms that crawl out of their holes. But poisonous vipers live in the grass, and to face them for a chick means to die. The only thing to do in such a game is to move the yellow lump to a new mink, from which an appetizing worm appeared. But try to do this the way not to be run into a creeping enemy. At the first level, there is only one worm and it is easy to dodge him, but at the next level, there will be two of them. Oh, the snakes surround!

A similar control method is used in other versions of the online snake games, but the objects are always different:

  • Help the car collect all the balls, but don't run into other barriers;
  • The little girl has to collect gifts, but she has her obstacles;
  • Sometimes games offer to find all the lurking snakes in the picture. By shooting them with a bow or just by clicking on them with the mouse, get a collection of reptiles and show that you are attentive and sharp-sighted;
  • In another version, destroy the mobile python, which moves right towards its hole. It consists of balls of different colors and some of the same colors are grouped;
  • It is on them that you need to accurately fire shells from the cannon that match in color to this cluster. The goal of such a game is to prevent the snake from hiding in its shelter and to destroy the chains of which it consists of multi-colored balls.

Nothing to download - all Snake game varieties (Worms Zone,,, Little big snake, etc.) are free. Just open our site, write the name of the game in the search box, launch, and enjoy the process. For quick access, we recommend that you bookmark this site in your browser. This will allow you to quickly turn on your favorite snake game and have fun playing the game of all time. Go to Game Game, here you will find snake games of any complexity, for adults and kids.

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