Lego Dino games online

Lego Dino games online

Since Lego designer everything is possible, he offers to get acquainted with ancient reptiles – dinosaurs that lived on the planet millions of years ago. Play Free Online Games Lego Dino's not scary, because the character, which you will find very nice and kind. Once he saw the island colorless statues in his honor, and decided to make them similar to themselves – colorize your breath. At other times you go to the site, become a real archaeologist. You have a lot of work: it is necessary to find all the bones in the ground, and then restore the skeletons of dinosaurs to the museum.

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Back to the past

Lego Dino games online Lego dinosaurs games again convince us that the world of Lego is incredibly diverse. About prehistoric reptiles produced a special series for those who see in them the real mystery and admires incredibly huge size. This wildlife we ​​guided only by archaeologists who found the remains of dinosaurs in different parts of the world and learn to then tell us how to look, eat and hunted the ancient reptiles. With the disappearance of millions of years have passed and the nature of the animal kingdom had repeatedly change, evolve. When the planet lived the dinosaurs, people have not been in sight. Perhaps it is due to this fact we now live in, because it is difficult to imagine such a dangerous neighborhood.

Lego Dino games online During the game, Lego Dino we go to these excavations in search of Lego parts of each dinosaur. This event caused quite a stir among scientists and journalism, because not every day can be detected as a rich repository of dinosaurs. Some pits already dug up, and you have to walk through the remains of a brush to clear them from the sand and send it to the repository. Suddenly, you find a shovel and you can now dig new pits where the skeletons again need to handle the brush. In one of the depressions in the land found to pick, and it is useful to clear the boulders. Now comes into play again shovel, and then brush. Well, when all the details are found, it is time to go to the museum and collect the animal on the stand that will surprise people with its realism. Each piece belongs to different individuals and need to apply the knowledge to play this giant lizard according to its anatomy. Do not let eager to see such a delightful sight and try to perform all the tasks correctly.

Other games Lego Dino

Lego Dino games online There are other great Lego Dino game, for example, when you need help hatch from eggs dinosaur baby Frankie. Already it is time to appear, but the shell is so strong that the baby can not get out of it yourself. Yes, and you have to torment, choosing the correct combination of design, the ball rolled down to working on a bomb that will throw an egg, striking him on the wall, and split in half. Only after this cute green baby hatch and thank you for your service. The game has several levels and each time you are confronted with new puzzles. At first everything is simple and the bar is tilted to one side, press « », start as a mechanism to start all happen quickly and harmoniously. Gradually tasks become more complicated, and it is necessary to smash his head and move convolutions to guess what the problem is.

On another occasion, the game Lego dinosaurs send you the most impenetrable jungles and wild with the task to release all the lizards that were trapped. You are in another puzzle game where you have to find a way to open the gates and structures that keep animals locked up. Operate the levers in the correct order and the ancient gates with sculptures diverge in hand, and will run out dinosaurs of different suits. But your mission does not end there. After the ranger radioed that his work here is finished, send him a helicopter and forward to the new site. Using the arrows, you'll go up and down stairs and run forward or backward, and the gap will team to action. Several levels will be a continuation of the story in which you make a lot of feats. Surely playing Lego dinosaurs you like, so look into this column not to miss new items.


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