Lego Kingdom games online

Lego Kingdom games online

Each king has an army on which he can rely on in time of war with the enemy, or for the protection of criminals in prison. But it happens that the bandits manages to escape, and then the guards started up the trail. A similar situation played out during an online game Lego Kingdom. When the army goes into the woods, where the offender has disappeared, she is faced with a detachment of the neighboring kingdom and who knows what the outcome of the meeting. Clan of the Lion and the Dragon clan feuding for a long time, and now they have a chance to get even for past wrongs. When you play for free, choose either side and join the battle.

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Become the ruler of your own castle games using Lego Kingdom

Lego Kingdom games online Games Lego Kingdom – your chance to build your own with medieval castles, towers and bridges, populating it:

  • brave knights,
  • The royal couple,  
  • dragons.

Lego Kingdom games online tournaments to win the heart and hand of the beautiful princess. In the world of Lego nothing is impossible, and the game can turn into a fairy tale, if you wish. You expect heroic battle, long hikes, battle and rescue civilians kingdom from enemy attacks and invasions of fire-breathing dragons. Every journey turns into a risky business and no one knows what it will end.

In the forests of the robbers often live and we all knows the legend of Robin Hood. But besides him there daredevils who are ready to attack the crew, robbing and killing travelers, as not all different nobility that is inherent Robin. Imagine that you are making an emergency trip to the carriage, carrying valuable cargo, but you attack the enemy falls. At the beginning of the game you are given the opportunity to choose the side for which will act. Choosing the Order of the Lion, you need to catch up with the coach and destroy everyone who is in it. But if your choice has fallen on the Order of the Dragon, try to carry more feet away from his pursuers. Judging by the fact that both these orders occur more than once, they have a long-standing feud, and now the process Kingdom Lego game is set just outside the walls of the castle. Again, before you dilemma for any of the belligerents to enter. The choice will determine you to attack or repel the siege of the fortress, and depends on the tactics of the battle. In any case, it does not have to cool off and have to fight hard to the enemy is not leaked to the walls or to try to get to them.

Next to the adventure!

Lego Kingdom games online Dangerous adventures, traveling, many battles awaits everyone who looked behind the curtain of history. Play Lego Kingdom, then:

  • to join the brave knights,
  • to go with them all tests.  

Even it does not matter whose position you took it, because the Knights have always defended the idea of ​​the king and his people were considered noble, observant a code of honor. If the princess is in trouble, everyone was ready to put his life on her rescue. And now one of those brave men directed to the place of her imprisonment, to give her freedom. At the very beginning it is difficult to go through a couple of steps so as not to fall into the dark dungeon. The traps are placed around the perimeter and only a brave spirit and noble hearted warrior is able to calculate the right direction and pass the mission adequately.

However, not only the princess in need of protection. Villages are often subject to attack by the enemy, which was ruining agriculture, taking the residents livestock and crops. You will have a panorama of such outrages, and you have to make every effort to ward off the enemy army. First collect all the coins that appear. This currency will help you hire the Knights for the defense of the settlements, as well as to invite the workers to work the land and buy cattle required to develop the farm. Is it worth all expensive, so do not ignore any coins, which will increase your capital and will ensure your prosperity and protection. Still you have to battle on catapults. The two armies lined up opposite each other and try to inflict damage on the enemy's ranks. Making shots, try to make them effective, because only in this case, victory in battle will bring you the opportunity to start a new job. Going to the next campaign, sharpen their axes and pikes, fill kernel powder, and fear leave home.

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