Lego Heroica games online

Lego Heroica games online

Play to become one of the characters, offer free online game Lego heroism. With the help of a magical weapon you have to drive out of the woods evil druid, which prevents his magic quiet life of the neighboring villages and destroy the ferocious goblin. You will not be left without the support of allies who marked the luminous sphere. Use their unique abilities in time to effectively direct the fight against the other enemies. Switching between characters, you enable all gradually in turn, but you can also invite your friends and play four.

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The wonderful world of Lego games heroism

Lego Heroica games online All the children, especially boys, imagine themselves to be brave heroes invincible warriors, saves the princess, or fighting for the freedom of the kingdom and the country. At their disposal:

  • the most fantastic weapons,
  • the power of magic,
  • detachment of soldiers, they run at the head of the army.  

Imagining himself a brave general, they can not win, because they have an excellent command of tactics and strategy.

Games Lego heroism provide the opportunity to experience all the features of these battles, repulsing the enemy, who attacked the country's heroics. Already it is clear from the title, what can I live only true heroes and will fear no evil goblins who dare to attack their land. And let today in their world is in chaos and residents numb in fear, but leading the brave squad, players will be all the tests with dignity and rid the country of evil spirits in spite of the fact that a druid hiding in the ruins of an ancient temple and its magic helps the evil powers to heal wounds .

Quest for the insistence of the characters

Lego Heroica games online First of all, exile witch of the forest, and only then you will be able to defeat the goblins. Going to fight evil, you can count on the active support of allies. They can be identified by the gold sector, which is hovering near them and choose the right moment to soldier. Each of them has a special ability to correctly and make the choice to most effectively combat the enemy. During the Lego Heroica game at every level is necessary to destroy all the enemies as accurate hits. For a successful campaign you are awarded three stars, but they melt when unsuccessful shot. First you throw stones, trying to please in the midst of the camp of goblins. The number of shots is limited, but if you get into certain squares you or replenish ammo or lose their part if it to lose the red box. Some characters can throw fireballs and possess other weapons, but they will appear later. Your heroism on the battlefield will lead you to victory and allies play an important role in this. If you care about the heroics, collect the squad and perform on the field of battle, where were assembled pesky goblins. You can also go to the majestic castle Fortaan and play a board game, but in the computer version.

Lego Heroica games online The best part is that the game Lego Heroica calculated once for four participants and one player could play with it, trusting the other course of artificial computer intelligence. To make your move, you have to throw the dice and move according to the number of the dropped points. In a way you wait enemies and if stopped near him, a fight is inevitable. The victory allows you to move on, but the loss takes away one life, knocking back on the course. Finding the key, you will be able to open a passage to new dimensions, and fill up your gold reserves. In my findings you will find various potions, extra lives, treasure and be able to buy new weapons capable of much help during the attack. First, you can choose the difficulty, and who would you like to manage: sorcerer good at ranged attacks and can fire off a four-stroke; barbarian sword kills one move ahead and excels at melee attack; druid is also a good helper of heroes and knights. How to play the heroism of Lego, you will learn all the details, if you run your favorite version of fun. Tips to help you learn about how to control and rules of game play. A colorful view of the volume graphic, close-up battles and unexpected twists will encourage frequent visits to the country's heroics.

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