Lego Alien Conquest games online

Lego Alien Conquest games online

When invading your home uninvited guest, you try to get rid of him. And when the attack on the planet, have to resort to the help of the army and sent to intercept intruders flying Dutchmen own division. It involves free online games Lego invasion in which you have to play. The ships are equipped with the enemy and your laser cannons and powerful turbo engines. Working with just a few keys on the keyboard, you will force your ship to accelerate to an incredible speed. But sometimes it's better to slow down a little to get a better aim.

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Exciting game Lego invasion

Lego Alien Conquest games online Who are these aliens, and for what purpose arrive to us? This can speculate looking at cinematic fantasy writers and directors, who presented his version of events. Sometimes aliens quite peaceful and ready for a peaceful union. Sometimes they have to defend themselves from the earthlings who strive to deliver on them, and experiments in this quest is no better than the animals that arrive to us from distant galaxies with the same mission – capture the terrestrial inhabitants captured and examined under a microscope. Perhaps both versions are valid, because life could evolve on completely different planets and probably each chose a different path. Someone set peacefully and wants to share their experiences with other civilizations, while others crave power over the enemy.

Lego Alien Conquest games online Lego games alien invasion developed the idea of ​​military operations when the planet Earth moving alien spaceships and in interstellar space play their campaign. Shootout fantastic reality for our weapons, it's only warm-up before a large, massive attack strangers. They will not rest until they reach their goal barbaric, but our brave pilots of the intrepid and always give a decisive rebuff to those who encroach on our freedom. In research centers worked alarm siren – our planet is moving arcade unidentified flying objects! During the game, Lego invading UFOs you have to repel the attack intruders who came to us with the very best intentions. Calls for action all the brave heroes who are not will fear to confront an unknown force and willing to sacrifice himself for the good purpose. But the beauty of this toy is that you are given the chance to take either side and fight for the earthlings and fly our star cruisers or join the alien invaders and control flying saucer. This is a great opportunity to gain new experience and to see the situation from a different angle.

to save the Earth from aliens

Lego Alien Conquest games online At other times the game Lego invasion even more complicated situation. Now the aliens could land on Earth and roam the streets of Legoland, like at home. Powerful robots are huge and armed to the teeth. They are not afraid of earthlings and grab them whenever possible. Surely you can easy watch all the atrocities that have arranged aliens? We know that here and now gathered the most loyal knights, brave heroes and fearless warriors, ready at any moment to rise to war with this cosmic misfortune. Rather, get in a helicopter and go kill monsters to clean the city and restore its former calm. You will find many missions that provide Lego games alien invasion in which you demonstrate your dexterity, accuracy and agility in the struggle for justice and a just cause. Alien creatures can suddenly arise from a variety of locations and even craters. It only takes one seem to hover over him aim and shoot more, until he realized that was taken at gunpoint. Variety of gameplay allows you to go in different situations, and even to become a stranger, manage unusual extraterrestrial ship and try to conquer the Earth.

, you will find an incredible chase and shooting at high speed, where only the most dexterous player succeeds and the title of the brave pilot. Lego men turned out to be a real warrior, and find yourself next to them a real pleasure and an honor for every gamer that came out in open space.


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