Lego Zombie games online

Lego Zombie games online

Something terrible happened to Legoland – evil sorcerer appeared out of nowhere and immediately proved to be a dangerous side. He turns the inhabitants of the city in a soulless monsters who are deprived of their own will and wander in search of survivors, to attack and destroy them. Only one person managed to escape the influence of charms, and now he is armed against nonhumans. But he needed help, because the one in the field, though a warrior, but together to defeat the enemy easier. Therefore, you will play for free, learning the game online Lego Zombie. Try to destroy the enemy, not allowing close approach, or too reborn.

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Zombie Attack

Lego Zombie games online It seems that the epidemic is turning people into zombies is much more serious than we thought, as she reached up to Legoland. Now in this country walk around the streets of the undead attacking civilians. Lego zombie games you open the gates to the city where your help is needed to destroy the bloodthirsty corpses, and arm you with everything you need to control their invasion until irreparable happened and all the people did not turn on the same monsters. Whole hordes of zombies staggered move in your direction, and are ready to destroy everything in its path alive. Only brave heroes can rid the world of this plague, peace returned to the streets.

You have to go to battle and play Lego zombies roam the rooms where those who have no control over their desires and their only purpose – gnaw your soft, juicy flesh. Your path goes through five different spaces:

  • column,  
  • bridges,  
  • boxes
  • tunnels,
  • the tomb.

Zombies appear unexpectedly and soon a flood the entire space. Moving, manage keyboard arrows, shooting, use the key « », a space and to change weapon will be useful buttons « 1 » and « 8 ». Only if in your heart there is no fear of danger, you'll be able to cope with all tasks and defeat the evil that spreads in a peaceful and secured the town of Lego. Be brave warriors and look both to avoid becoming prey.

Immerse yourself in the game Lego Zombie with your friends

Lego Zombie games online Lego Zombie games online There is also a version of the game for two Lego zombies and now, together with a friend, brother, father or even my sister, you go to war with an army of monsters. But do not think that consuming them together will be easier, because you just two against hordes. This evil attack from all sides and is one repulse the attack, as it seems, it becomes even more insistent, and the number of zombies is doubled. Cover the rear of each other and act harmoniously, so that no dead man is not the approaches to you too close.

Games Lego zombie shooters like young defenders who seek harmony and will not tolerate violations of the order in his home. We are familiar with the game on the protection of the fortress, where you have to place his soldiers at the perimeter so as to not let the enemy in a particularly important targets, preventing them from entering the territory of the castle or town. One version of the game Zombie Shooting Lego offers a similar action, but as enemies speak the walking dead. They crowds come out of hiding and moving area, purposefully heading towards the castle gates. Your task is to stop them at all costs, directing them deadly charges. Kill them quite difficult, because you turn into this Strategy, which intelligently arranges weapons and even on the outskirts of the enemy produces killer rays. Zombies do not feel pain, and as already dead, interrupt their monotonous progress almost impossible. Ammunition must also be protected, because they are contrary to come to an end at the most inopportune moment.

If you have not changed your mind to go to war with this incomprehensible phenomenon, whereas most open each toy in turn and help the residents of the city of Lego return peace on their streets and in their lives. Do not forget to share with your friends a link to go together on this holy war and then discuss their heroic achievements.

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