Lotto games online

Lotto games online

There is nothing wrong if a person is aware of his passion and reasonably satisfy him. It is not necessary to run in the underground casino, because you can open a free online bingo games and play, without prejudice to the purse and health. Just look at how bright and impressively presented our virtual fun. You can play Russian lotto, keno, bingo, and even television shows counterparts. All toys are conducted according to the original rules, they can be opened on the tablet and mobile phone, if you do not have access to a computer. If you lose, it will not affect the pocket and gain game points and give moral satisfaction.

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The ancient game

Lotto games online People have always been characterized by passion, who was looking for an opportunity to show in different betting games and lotteries. In fact, lottery – this is a gamble, built on chance and the result can not be determined in advance. Her idea is to get a big profit, and in the process, the control shall draw lots, drawing lots and delivered, rooms or tickets in a free manner. If they coincide with the number of the player who is the winner and depending on the number of correctly predicted positions, gets the prize.

Lottery born before our era. Her first signs can be seen in ancient Greek mythology, when the soldiers granted the right lug random from the golden helmet colored stones and only one of them let the lucky fight with Zeus himself. In one hundredth BC in ancient China and Rome held a lottery, resembling modern game Keno. And as such entertainment was performed mainly for the purpose of obtaining additional funds for the state, the money allowed for the construction, and China threw them on the construction of the Great Wall of China.

The development of the game Lotto

Lotto games online In Rome, as in the time of Julius Caesar lottery conducted not only in the state, and a feast for the poor, giving them the papers, where only a few lucky ones have found cash prizes. Medieval and later draws not only served to replenish the state treasury, but also arranged for fun. Any bourgeois could announce the start of a new game according to certain rules. Often, they have been a failure, and burns the organizer. In Europe and America lottery became fashionable. And Russia is not behind in pleasures, but in 1918, when I came to the Soviet authorities banned the People's Commissars of it as a relic of the capitalist past.

Lotto games online However, when the hunger strike began and devastation, in 1921 legalized the lottery again. « Sportloto » It became the most famous game where you can not only win cash prizes, but also things like a car, a refrigerator or a TV set. Themselves tickets handed people sometimes violently as putting in a store and bonuses to salary. Lottery is not dead now. Furthermore, in order, Keno, Lotto Russian, Golden Key, Bingo is very popular, and no one is forcing them to participate – It is voluntary. And if there is demand in the real world, it is natural that there was a game of bingo online. As equipment used cardboard card with numbers and barrels – plastic or wood, with figures too. Lead or one of the participants in the game gets blindly (without looking) from a single cask bag and put the figure on it. The other players must quickly find itself in the same number of cards and close the chip. As soon as one player closes all the numbers, he is the winner. But sometimes, by appointment, you can pick and intermediate wins, it is closed when one or more rows horizontally.

Russian lotto game on our site goes through the original rules and recalls the TV version, which is so like the viewers. And yet it is very like to play at home with friends or family. But shagnuvshy forward progress has transformed the desktop fun in free bingo games with options. Note that even a version for kids free bingo games where Dora gets a box of cards with colored starfish and need to find a similar in their picture. In other versions of the children offered images of animals, plants or other objects. Now for each bingo game play offers into something of their own, while keeping the main idea.

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