Desktop racing games

Desktop racing games

The office was sad, and to spice it up, the staff came up to play the online game Desktop racing, and we offer free computer version of entertainment. On the table rose from the road rulers, pens and pencils, suspension bridges were with mountings of paper clips. Around the towering stack of papers colored folders diluted landscape and a small model of a toy car overcomes this jumble. Aim it at the track, trying not to go the distance. Earn points and perform tasks in order to win the title, confirming it repeatedly.
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Neshutochnye games board gonki

Desktop racing games While the game board race for children, they show adults, but rather the way they have fun being at work. Agree, the example they give is not the most worthy to be followed, but adults, too, are not saints, and sometimes break the rules, who try to instill in their children.
Instead of thinking about job stress management, office staff built a racetrack table using stationery:

  • Karandashi
  • Ruchki
  • Lineyki
  • Skrepki
  • Knopki

Odnazhdy someone brought her child to work when his leave was not at home to anyone, and the garden was closed for quarantine. Child taking with him an arsenal of toys, but when it came time to go home, one machine was forgotten. This red little car and later became a favorite model for an impromptu game of the race on the table.

Vzroslye as deti

Nado admit the track on the table professionally assembled, think through all the details, obstacles, jumps, incentive bonuses. It is evident that a professional engineer worked, no less. Time for the construction of the structure, too, was not sorry, and then it did not work.
The first images of the game board races begin with the start of frame, and then the machine is attached to the acceleration, and she goes, turns, jumps in the way, trying rather to pass a line and collect all the stars. There are dangerous areas, when it flies through a chain of paper clips, breaking them, again becoming the wheels, and went on their way.
to do some tricks can only be at a high speed, otherwise slip through the steep hills of the knobs and slides of erasers. To successfully complete the road race game on the table, it is necessary to learn the"difficult"control:

  • Strelkami move on doroge
  • Z- gives uskorenie
  • Probel do pryzhok

Desktop racing games Desktop racing games While the machine makes its journey across the bridges of the pencil lines and rails, background flashed everyday landscapes. Against the wall there are folders, documents slide tower, somewhere lurking piggy pig, flashed photos on the desk phone and the globe, and then we overturned cup of coffee and half-eaten donut. By the way, crumbs and spilled coffee can be one of the obstacles that must be overcome.
As the passing vehicle becomes more perfect. Improves its agility, increasing the speed, capacity for all tricks, like a real race car. But if the characteristics of rose, and the route should be more serious. The staff of the office podnapryagsya, and introduced additional difficulties. Now the model toy car climbs higher, the wheels threatening crawl markers arranged on the box of paints, lift clips from dangerously bend, but the bets are made, and we must go forward.

Hobbi is serezno

Poroy innocent fun so exciting that it becomes a serious hobby. That race games board from simple idleness at work grew in a circle of fans of improvised tracks from scrap materials. Adults gather after work and on weekends to run the toy cars on the built structure, placing certain tasks.
From the office you will be transported into the living room, then to the park and other areas, to again and again to arrange a race game on the table. Always use items that are typical for the selected area, and along with the office you will see mounds of grass, twigs, flowers, stones and other objects as obstacles on the road passing. If you have time, we can consider the background of the gameplay: fountains, watering cans, flower beds, close grazing chickens, and nearby stood a curious dog.

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