Fluffle Puff games

Fluffle Puff games

While Fluffy Puff, this little pink pony, but heading includes free online game Fluffy Puff is not only about the kind of lady that allow you to play with more passion and zeal. The behavior of the hero through the maze of the castle and reflect all the dangers, to score in their game piggy bank more points. It's funny to shoot at the balloons, which strive to hide behind tuchkami, but you are sure to wait for the moment and shoot everything. In only one toy you will have several assignments where you have to collect the puzzle, find the difference, and more. During the search of a new image, you can feel like a fashion designer, and equipping the room – designer.

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The history of the game Fluffy Puff

Fluffle Puff games for kids online Game Fluffy Puff talk about fun, pink and very shaggy ponies. She was so thickly covered with hair that does not even distinguish between her legs. Seeing how small she touches them, and often falls, and it prevents the very thick head of hair, but without it she can not live, as that he protects the hot sun. This fun little animal looks more like a lamb, and lives among the magical creatures. The very same horse does not have any special abilities, but it is very curious, because of what sometimes gets into funny situations. Studying bubbles, she looks at them without zazhmurivayas, and when one of them gets in your eyes hurt and starts pinching soapsuds, Puff catches gallop across the lawn, rolling on the grass, trying to get rid of the discomfort. Watching the baby, you might think that it is not very sociable, as is adhering to the other inhabitants of the country at the wrong time and teasing, showing tongue. Her speech is also unusual and reminds prihryukivanie with smacking. And when drawing finishes, just chew pencil that just put the finishing touch. But if you forgive her for these small flaws and look at it with understanding, will appear in front of us:

  • naive,  
  • Good,  
  • Curious,  
  • fun-loving little horse who loves to fool around, like all children.  

But how can you be angry at the kids, exploring the world and that sometimes falls, bursts out laughing, showing tongue touching objects that may « bite ». It is in this perspective and seen Fluffy Puff. It is said that she feeds her rainbow and enjoy this delicacy. She doted on him when has followed unicorn reserves the rainbow.

Funny Fluffy

Fluffle Puff games for kids online Fluffle Puff games for kids online jumping, Puff could follow him and turned on the other side of the real world inhabited by strange animals. With them it is easy to find a common language, and she was so pleased with them, that she decided to settle on the farm forever. Because she can not fly itself, help her soar to the clouds Pegasus, but proudly walk on fluffy clouds at Fluffy get no worse than them. Apparently I say a special diet rainbow, and it gave magical powers our little heroine. Because she is very curious, then I settled in the library, where many fascinating books that you can learn to think in their environment, and sometimes indulge in creative activities of art. Her name can be translated as Fluffy or Fluffy, which corresponds to the appearance. When she got to zaraduzhny world, I met a filly that took her friendly and asked how prishelitsu name. Pony did not know the language of fairyland, but found that understands local residents and squelching pink tongue, said: « Fafl Fpav ».

The mare pony gently hugged and said: « you are my Fuzzy »! Thus began with the magical creatures of the country, which was placed on the opposite side of the rainbow. Puff imagination sometimes plays tricks on her, but she is interested in what is himself a brave detective, if you suddenly lost her favorite treat. It takes to watch every one who could sneak yummy than scares some people. Hidden in his thick coat, she fluffy ball creeps to potential criminal and squint his eyes peering into. Some are frightened and disappear, disappearing into the cloud, but others maintained that gaze and then most ponies have to retreat. So this game continues until she realizes that was wrong. And if you want to know what else is going to pony games open Fluffle Puff.

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