Dragons games

Dragons games

It is said that all dinosaurs became extinct before the appearance of humans. But then, where our ancestors had the idea of ​​dragons? Perhaps some species survived until the moment when people are thoroughly settled the land, but attacked them, and gave rise to many legends. We do not see anything in the sky larger birds, but remember the stories of the flying lizards, and can play the game Dragons Online Free. Often you have to do some fighting or threatening to fight with a couple of dragons, but if you try and tame them, you will come out of bad flying team against which few can resist.

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Who are the dragons really?

Dragons games The myths and legends of different peoples of the legend in which the figure of a dragon. Despite the fact that today we have lost faith in their truth, a few centuries ago the existence of such creatures no doubt. Most likely, the reason was the discovery of the remains of ancient dinosaurs that once inhabited our planet. But as the science of the Middle Ages could not explain their natural environment, there were stories about the evil monsters – dragons that breathe fire and devastated villages. Depending on the mentality and religious beliefs, dragons treated differently. Christians, he personified the worst enemy, which beat only by a brave knight and a pure heart, showing valor and loyalty to the king. It was a symbol of the threat of war and the incessant wars that ravaged and impoverished towns and villages, people are killed in battle, from starvation and diseases. At the same time, the countries of the East the dragon attributed to a completely different role. His revered deity of fertility, which have to cajole, to the next year has been fruitful, and his element – water. Egypt, China, India, Japan, Mexico and Greece often depict dragons on the frescoes and drawings. In feudal Vietnam, is a symbol of morality, but in modern society – art and power. In the tradition of China, we can see a vivid example of the fact that the dragons are still one of the main deities in his honor every year the festival – Boat Festival, implying cajoling beast for a rich harvest. More than one generation has grown up on fairy tales, among which are three-headed dragon, and everyone knows that if he cut off one head, in its place will rise a little. Good lads went out with him on a fair fight and won Gorynycha.

Dragons games Games Dragons – Realistic simulations

Today's fantasy craze has done its job and you can watch the real drakonomaniyu. The cinema, literature and the game Dragons offer us renew the fight with the flying monsters or friends take off. In MMORPG games realistic graphics makes tremble before the eternal enemy of mankind. The bloodthirsty dragons show themselves as true antisocial person has two goals – resolution and destruction. To oppose them means to go to certain death, and we must be brave guy to confront the monster. However, not all dragons are up in arms against humanity and options fantasy games vividly demonstrate the close relationship of both species. Fighting with other clans, you can count on aviation in the face of dragons who fight on your side and you can even ride.

Drakonomaniya for kids

Dragons games Flash toy dragons are designed for a young audience who loves to chat with unusual creatures:

  • With a nice Dragon you go on a journey to collect artifacts;
  • will open a restaurant selling hamburgers, serving visitors;
  • Smiling dinosaur races;
  • play football;
  • was held under the strict guidance of your maze;
  • solves the puzzle.
  • Brave knights will save the princess from the clutches of the evil monster and win locks.
  • to arrange a hunt for them or make allies and together overcome the enemy.
  • Year of the Dragon – it is an occasion to decorate the house in an appropriate style.
  • Coloring and puzzle prepared great pictures to entertain you and allow to dream.

So what we have ceased to believe in the reality of mythical creatures? But we have not forgotten how to invent, to dream, to fight and to make friends. And there, where reality is intertwined with the legend, the world is painted in bright colors, becoming more diverse.

Dragons games Dragon – this is a fabulous character who has a lot of interpretations. It can be a dangerous enemy and ally, to play the role mounts, be the custodian of an important artifact and age-old wisdom dragon. Dragons employ in its arsenal, the creators of virtually all subjects. Now the dragons can be found not only in fantasy, but in the fantasy space subjects. There they can be mechanical and robotic, to become sentient race inhabiting a separate planet or threaten an entire galaxy. Just dragons are very popular among the authors of so-called women's ironic fantasy. It replaced the echidna horse, which is constantly teasing her employer and, concurrently the main character, has long come impish dragon. That, you see, even funnier.

Do not spared his attention dragons and gaming industry. Games dragons make a really bright and exciting. Firstly, because the fantasy genre in gaming demand. And besides, why invent the new monsters, when there is a universal dragon. Settle down in the online games and nyashnye dragons of cartoons. They are designed for children's audience, for which the dragon has long been a thief not a princess, and a sweet, almost home baby animals. In general it can be said that the scope of the dragon in the game industry absolutely not limited. Therefore, the genres of games about dragons offer variety. In the first place, probably still shooters. Shooting dragon or dragon fire – the fire of his own mouth. The variations are many. They are in the depths of the Internet, as a rule, are those who are tired of the standard shooters and want some exotic wrapper for the old scheme.

Virtual fights rightfully hold second place in the dragon theme. Fighting can be a dragon, you can with the enemy, while riding on a dragon. Then the action takes place in the air and it becomes even more fun. Because you need to learn how to control the dragon and its rider. There are a sufficient number of MMMORPG where dragons appear. There is an extensive section of games for children, where the dragon acts as a pet-tamogochi. There is also a dragon dress up that may interest girls with their uniqueness. All these games have one thing – almost all of them have their place in the collection of our site. Learn the categories of games, browse tags – for sure you'll find something that will make you keen interest. Play, download and in what does not deny. On our site there is no fee-based games!

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