Puss in Boots games

Puss in Boots games

Fairy tales come to life on the screens and monitors. That online games Puss in Boots are invited to play with the red seals, to continue its fascinating history and make a new adventure. With his friend, Humpty Dumpty, he will win a lot of enemies, conquer the height of the roofs of houses, overcome obstacles and collect all the bonuses. Help him to pave the way to a beloved Kise, removing obstacles from the path of false flax. Learn how to fence as nimbly as our mustachioed hero, paint the picture on it or fold the puzzle. He famously rides on a donkey, and standing up, and loves to celebrate Christmas. A iskalkah you need to find objects hidden in the picture.

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The good old cat

Puss in Boots games Puss in Boots games When the animals behave like humans, it always looks ridiculous. And what a tale for children without humor? « Puss in Boots » - A modern full-length animated film based on the story by Charles Perrault stories presented to us in a completely new role. On the main hero wide-brimmed hat with a feather and a sword in his belt, which he is fluent. In the story of the cartoon cat grew up in an orphanage and was friends with Humpty Dumpty, who seemed romantic and purposeful small. Together they grew up, and all was well until Humpty Dumpty did not tell the kitten his cherished dream to find the magic beans, to get to heaven and get the golden egg goose in order to get rich. Kotick was drawn into other people's dreams and fraternize with one another, he began to make plans for the implementation of the planned in life. Humpty Framed Kitten at the crucial moment, and that's where the paths diverged. Cat out of town, as the thief, and he was forced to say goodbye to the warm house and hostess who loved red rogue.

Immerse yourself in the adventure by playing the game Puss in Boots

Online games Puss in Boots are made in the same colorful graphics, as their prototype. It is difficult to imagine a different way of creating fluffy boots which we then laugh, then makes vzgrustnut. In a mirror image pictures you will find all the differences images. First, a bit confused, moving the mouse on the playing field, but a minute later you get used to the way of management and can only find small details that do not match. After you find, both Puss in Boots games pictures acquire an identical form, and on the scale at the top shows the time that was spent on the process and the number of remaining inconsistencies. You know that cats like to lick off his hair fallen out, and it accumulates in their throat. When it's time to get rid of the coil, they simply spit. Playing free games Puss in Boots help Kitten spit wool ball away, watching the scale, which shows the height and angle. Find a suitable position, click on the computer mouse and see how far fly lump. Surely you remember Kitty – black cat, whom he met our saffron. Initially, they had an argument, and even competed in dance, but later became friends and went through all the adventures together. Games Puss in Boots free invite you to exciting events in which our heroes fall.


  • At the Humpty Dumpty they managed to get the cherished bean that will allow them to climb the stalk where the clouds end and the little goose lays the golden eggs. But first it is necessary to help friends to plant seeds in the ground and let them grow. It's not so easy to do, it seems to be working and therefore have focused and fast.  
  • On another occasion, the game Puss in Boots game offers, warming up during fencing swords. Our hero is often trained not to lose the form, but he needs a partner who will reflect his punches.  

When mustachioed striped makes another attack, choose the position of the sword in the bottom of the screen and click on it. If you have selected the right icon, cat strike a new blow. Try to follow its movements and use the right of retaliation. Be sure to enjoy playing Puss in Boots Action, which together with Humpty Dumpty it passes many levels, overcomes obstacles and sometimes use force to destroy them. However, it is easier to climb the wall and substituting each other's shoulder, they successfully complete their trek. To learn about the adventures of a more open online games Puss in Boots and enjoy communication with funny characters.

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