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Dice games are one of the oldest games. They, as the excavations confirm, were amused by the ancient Egyptians even more than four thousand years ago. But the bones were loved not only by the builders of the pyramids, but also by the inhabitants of the most remote places from those edges. Previously, cubes were made from animal joints, hence the name "bones". Also for this they used wood, semi-precious and precious stones, non-ferrous metals. Later, plastic was also useful for manufacturing. And the newest round in entertainment called online dice games is the computer era.

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Dice Games Today, when we talk about dice games, the hand does not squeeze cubes, but a gaming mouse / tablet / smartphone. In addition, now the combination of numbers does not depend on the force of the throw, the angle of incidence and other physical and geometric features. The machine selects the combinations. But the rules of the dice game remain unchanged: you need to roll the dice so that you get the largest number. Although there are nuances. And they depend on the chosen type of online dice game.

Interestingly, dice are almost always played in pairs or with a whole team of players. Therefore, this type of entertainment is a truly social form of pastime. The number of dice also differs in games. In the Pig, for example, one bone is involved. High Dice, Bigger Less, Kreps and Chicago have two. And in Poker on the Dice, Yacht, Perudo, Bluff, Aces of all five. Also, dice are not always dice. They can be:

  • plates, polyhedrons or irregular shapes;
  • with symbols instead of numbers on the edges.

But the most advantageous advantage of the computer era is the ability to play dice for free. It is enough to take care of the power supply of your device in time and have access to the network.

Personality and rights of every age

Depending on the difficulty, online dice games, like many others, are divided into levels. It could be:

  • dice games for children;
  • dice games for adults.

Dice games for children, for example, include fun such as Death Dice. Although the name is completely childish (in translation it means the Bones of Death), but the tasks in it are really selected in accordance with the years. According to the plot, the player enters the world with the drawn little men. Dice begin to fall on one of them. The player's task is to remove the character away from falling objects. To do this, he must move in different directions. But the pills hanging in the air, he needs to collect. The hero will be able to do this by jumping up and down on the run. Dice Games

Another game for children with a non-childish name Dice Poker (Yatzy). This is an online game so don't worry about losing. But the excitement is rife. The player operates with five dice. He shakes the glass with the contents three times and pours the bones onto the table. You need to score more points than your opponent, and then the victory is yours. First, players aim to get the maximum of the same dice. To do this, identical ones are set aside, and the rest are shaken. The results can be seen in the table on the right. During the second stage, the dropped points are added up.

Many of the offspring loved the Piano Tiles. Especially for those with a taste for music. Previously, the keys for the aforementioned instrument were made of ivory (in 1989, hunting for elephants was banned). Fun teaches to play the piano. The child sees black and white keys on the screen, carefully monitors and remembers the sequence of highlighting the black ones. Then you need to quickly click on them. This will make the instrument sound. But the main thing is not to press the white keys, it is fraught with loss.

But it's not only the little ones to have fun in this way. While young players are busy with their fun, their parents, older brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, grandparents can switch to interesting things for themselves. Even the classic Dice game is suitable for this. For adult gamblers, the site provides an electronic version of the famous game. Three bone cups and a scoring table are available. And let the hand be light and the mood uplifted!

Games from Confucius and Ardashir

The name of the backgammon game comes from the now-dead Middle Persian language. Translated, it means brave Ardashir. This was an Iranian ruler who lived in the second or third centuries. His name translates as having the kingdom of justice. The classic version of backgammon board game for two. Its components are a special board, divided into two halves, chips and dice. The participants in the game throw dice and move checkers. The task is to move your chips into the house as soon as possible and push them over the game board. On the site, the game can be found by the words Backgammon Classic. Dice Games

As one of the legends says, the invention of the game mahjong belongs to Confucius. The bones used in it are called three dragons. They correspond to the three main virtues of the Chinese philosopher of humanity, sincerity, and filial piety. At the beginning of the last century, the game was brought to Japan, and a little later it came to the United States. The number of mahjong players can be from two to four. Age from four years. The playing time depends on the variation and the rules of the competition. A game of mahjong can last as long as a few minutes or last for hours. Usually four players play, each against all. If we are talking about a three-player game, there are modifications to the rules. The game consists of sessions, sessions of rounds, rounds of hands. The number of sessions is determined in advance. Time restrictions are also possible.

No need to look for a game box today. Mahjong, which develops tactics, observation and memory, is available online. There are many options for this fun on our site. You can choose, for example, Mahjong Titans. According to the plot, the titans, the offspring of the gods Gaia and Uranus, gave rise to a new generation of gods. The six brothers and sisters were endowed with completely different abilities. They knew how to control different elements. The player's task is to search for identical tiles with inscriptions and images. There will be gods among them. Take your time: enjoy the measured game.

Dice Games Another originally board game, the roots of which go back to the Middle Kingdom, domino games. In the thirteenth century, plate bones with white and red dots appeared there. Dominoes are played by two to four participants. In the first option, seven records are distributed, and if three or four, five. You can try Dominoes Classic online. Players are provided with dice with numerical values. You have to make a move by placing the first of them on the playing field. The opponent will need to respond. After that, find and place the bones with the desired value on the table. If you do not find those, take from those that lie. The winner is the one who gets rid of all bones first.

Logic games are another kind of dice games. The Five Dice fun will help you practice your logic. You need to remove the dice from the screen. Select with the mouse those that have the same number of points on the edges. Make pairs, after which they will disappear. It didn't work out right away, don't worry: the game can be played over again.

Intellectual dice games encourage both thinking and relying on fortune. In them, you also need to try to score more points. Consider a game called In bone. Here you have to shuffle and roll five dice. From the dropped combination, you will need to choose three suitable ones, so that the number of points corresponds to some number from the table on the left.

Interesting facts about dice games

Well, choose the most interesting dice game among the many options, and win! And for curious players, we will provide some interesting facts:

  • The Roman emperor Caligula was a passionate admirer of dice.
  • In southern Norway, local archaeologists have unearthed a 600-year-old dice created to cheat.
  • In South America, they stumbled upon the oldest cheating bones.
  • From the Arabic name for dice comes the word passion.
  • There have been cases in history when it was forbidden to play dice. For example, in the Roman Empire.
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