Ninja Kingdom games online

Ninja Kingdom games online

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It is difficult to find a person who has never heard about the legendary ninja warriors from Japan. For a long time they were the most mysterious order. Their skills were simply amazing, because the ability to move like shadows, incredible dexterity and skill made them unique warriors. It was they who became spies, intelligence officers and hired killers who have no equal in the world. Their order, training, laws and traditions are shrouded in mystery, so many legends have been invented regarding them. Such characters have always aroused keen interest and as a result they became heroes of books, films and, of course, various games.

Tales about the kingdom where these fighters live and train became the basis for a series of games called Kingdom of Ninja. In it, the main character is one of the warriors. He looks like a cube wearing a kuroko - this is the traditional clothing of a ninja. As a rule, it is black in color to make the fighter invisible at night. He reached the heights of mastery, but he did not like living and obeying the laws of the monastery in which he grew up. This is not just like that, customs and traditions are too cruel, the slightest deviation from the code is punishable by death. Looking at this, our hero decided to found his own kingdom, but in practice it turned out that this task was extremely difficult. It is necessary to find free lands where you will not have to obey anyone, and you also need a lot of money so that the inhabitants can lead a decent existence. He managed to find out about a place in the distant mountains, where no one has settled for many centuries, and this is not just like that. Beneath this area is a network of labyrinths that are full of terrible monsters. According to legends, they guard treasures left by ancient rulers and will leave only when a great warrior worthy of their ancestors is found. He will be able to collect all the gold and the guards will go to the other world.

In the Kingdom of Ninja series of games, you will help this warrior worthy in every sense and go down into the dungeon with him. To prove his skills, dexterity and fortitude, he will go down there completely without weapons, which means it will be much more difficult for him. The catacombs are located on several levels and on each one you need to get to the door leading to the next one. From the very beginning you will have to face dangerous traps. These will be circular saws, blocks, gaps, sharp spikes and blades sticking out of the ground. The only way to overcome them is to jump over them, but this will often be quite difficult to do. You will also have to climb from one floor to another, there is a big difference in height between them and a simple, even high jump will not be enough. In such cases, you will be able to use the walls and rise by pushing off from them. Your path will also be blocked by monsters, and they will be too strong to deal with them with your bare hands, so try to just avoid them. Collect all the jewels, gold and open treasure chests to complete all missions in Kingdom of Ninja.

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