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Kids Color Book

Children begin to draw from when their little hands get pencils, first little work, so caring mom shoved a favorite children of the coloring book, where there are already painted the picture that you want to paint. If the book is not at hand will help our game Kids Color Book. Her at any time you can open on your computer or tablet, and the kid will plunge into the virtual world of colorings. In our book contains drawings of the eight species of animals, among them cute kitty, funny puppy, cute lamb and many other small animals, birds and pets. Choose any sketch and draw attention to the horizontal bar on the left. There is a set of watercolors, brushes, filling, erasing tools. Choose a brush, three of them: fine, medium and wide to carefully paint over the selected areas, avoiding leaving the paint for the outline of the image, if you make a mistake, erase unnecessary eraser. In the election of the fill, simply click on a certain place, and it will turn the selected color. Game Kids Color Book - developing and training, it will help your child develop motor function, particularly if it is paint brushes, like in reality. The kid will learn to recognize the color of the line know how to look like different animals: wild and domestic, will train coordination skills. Very convenient that the game Kids Color Book now be played on mobile devices, for example, on a plate, sitting in the cross or on the couch, or while traveling in public transport. A well-chosen computer games will not bring anything other than child benefit, and parents also will be able to relax and play themselves.
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