Bratz games for girls

Bratz games for girls

To prepare for the New Year, Halloween, party youth, to learn the profession of a doctor, DJ riders in a hundred times more interesting if it happens during online games Bratz. With dolls beauties you go on a free carnival will flash and created his own outfit. The art of makeup is also necessary to comprehend the gradual and such game products we have in abundance. You can still play a romantic date, indulging in the first and so sweet kisses the hero of his dreams. But we must remain cautious, because the adults are watching you, and grumble, seeing your tenderness.

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Bratz games for girls The appearance of the heroines of Bratz games

Everyone has a birthday, even dolls. Bratz (Bratz) appeared in 2001 and his release ordered the company MGA Entertainment. The pioneers of the first issue was the Four Beauties: Jasmine (or Yasmine), Alex, Jane and Chloe, and only later in the collection were the other characters. Growth of characters is 254 mm, which makes the doll teenage girls miniature. They can be found on the slim body, large head, slanted eyes, plump lips and flashy makeup. Just one year after his birth Bratz won the European market, leaving the leader in sales and leaving in the background the very Barbie. To support the popularity of the dolls came out at different times by separate lots:

  • Bratz Boys – dolls, boys.
  • In 2004, the Bratz Babyz – doll-babies with accessories (clothes, bottles, etc.). In 2007, the series was supplemented by a small issue, "Little Angels Bratz."
  • Bratz Kids came out in 2006 and was characterized by a miniature size dolls.
  • Lil Bratz – Another smaller version of the main characters, was released in 2007 with an accompanying set of clothes.
  • Be-Bratz unique in that it included puppets walked USB dongle that allows you to make your own virtual characters in a social network profile.
  • Bratzillaz – the original version of the witches dolls, which account for the bulk dolls cousins. They possess supernatural powers (able to fly, to communicate with animals, to see the future), wearing specific clothes, body parts are bent through hinges and also have a witch's mark in the form of a tattoo.
  • It is also about dolls created animated series and films, posters, magazines, lots of clothes, household accessories and Bratz games for girls.

The most fun games Bratz online

Bratz games for girls As the series and buy all the accessories possible, Bratz games for girls becomes an affordable alternative. Here you will find all the heroines and heroes, with whom spend time entertaining and useful. They are creative, fashion and entertainment trends. Now in your collection the most stylish outfits, cosmetics and jewelry palette. You will own salon manicure and hairstyle, will be able to experiment with the images.

Games Bratz online help prepare for theme parties, because here provides options for costumes and makeup. After playing with cute dolls, you will find an original idea for your own image for Halloween, Christmas and any other carnival.

Bratz games for girls There are dating – urgent topic for the youth age. With the heroine, you will learn to prepare delicious dishes, decorate the room, arrange travel, and still pass the test and find out how well you know the story of Bratz.

Also, games for girls Bratz allow free show resourcefulness, observation and logic. Collect puzzles, paint pictures of girlfriends, looking for details in the picture, remember the location of identical cards.

For information on how to stay hard on the Olympus

The history of Bratz dolls can not be called cloudless. Creators Barbie (Mattel Toys) bothered rapid ascent Bratz and they sued the company MGA Entertainment (Bratz producers), accusing him of plagiarism. Initially, the court ruled in favor of Mattel, awarding a competitor to pay a fine of $ 20 million and destroy patterns for making Bratz, but then the Court of Appeals changed the decision recognizing the right of MGA for their own products. Now the company Mattel was forced to pay compensation to MGA – 309 million dollars.

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