Wolves games

Wolves games

A gray robber will tell you free online games Games about wolves, and was invited to play in a variety of subjects, where he is the main hero. The styling toy "Electronics" wolf with a basket to catch the eggs roll off the perches. If the three times he will miss them, the game will end. In the course of your accrued reward and penalty points. Volchische also chasing the Red Riding Hood, which holds path-the path to grandmother. Do not eat off of it and three piglets, so breaking their houses. There will be other subjects, no less fascinating.

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Wolves by Category:

The evil and terrible gray wolf

Wolves games Wolves games Everyone knows the horror stories about the gray wolf, which is always hungry, and it can be expected only mischief. Remember the tale of the seven kids who stole the wolf, and more about Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, who miraculously survived after a meeting with the forest brigand. A lot of hassle and trouble brings the wolf and the bunny from the movie « Just you wait! ». Wherever you look, and after some gray beast horns and legs around. He behaves in a life of at least impudently – shepherds know what troubles might do gray, if you fall into a flock of sheep. Protect the flock by helping the dog toothed wolfhounds, but the cunning of a wild beast sometimes prevails. And if you're in doubt, open the categories in which the game about wolves ready to reveal the secret and overt biases the main characters.

Sheep grazing in a paddock and a shepherd calm, knowing that they do not get out of the fence. He could not even admit that the wolf will penetrate into the herd, because the gate is closed lever. However, the cub got clever and easily opened the valve. Now he is among the bleating of sheep chasing them and put in a bag. Stupid animals run back and even out of the gate. It seems that freedom and salvation is at hand – enough to run without stopping. But suddenly blossoming bush attracts their attention and they stop to nibble lush vegetation. And then it catches up with their toothy beast.

Hurry up to play games about wolves

Wolves games The process of the game about wolves Action is controlled by the keyboard arrows keys, and helps children develop a sense of direction in the perimeter, acting quickly to score more points. During another game gray wolf you have to save the girl in a red cap. The one which goes through the woods to grandmother to treat her pies. Behind it is already the chase, and the wolf is about to overtake its prey. The path ahead is bumpy and constantly come across obstacles. Try to Little Red Riding Hood is not tripped and hit the beast on the tooth, which immediately swallow it and choke. You can still remember the story of the three little pigs and the wolf, who destroyed their houses to catch the brothers and dine them. In one of the versions of the computer you are presented with the opportunity to save the pigs, grabbing gray, tying him to the rocket and the bat hitting it send away from their homes. It is a long time discourage a predator desire to approach again.

Speaking of fairy tales, pay attention to the quest where gameplay Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf invites you to go through a number of mini-games along with the main hero – Frolov. Before you marry the beautiful princess, he will have a difficult road and meeting with well-known characters from other works. He will be at a crossroads and will choose where to go as it – right, left, or right. As you know, every path is fraught, unexpected surprise, the unknown. From any meeting can benefit if concessions and help the heroes to solve their problems, and the friendship of the gray wolf is sure to bring good luck. During the game, Ivan and the Grey Wolf, you even play « three in a row », and only then will be able to go further, paving the way to its goal.

There are many different stories about wolves game prepared:

  • try to create a new image of a cartoon character,  
  • zaychonku rescue from the clutches of the villain gray,  
  • the puzzle or play tag and see what else he's up to.  

Our Wolves perfectly able to operate a motorcycle, and you will be a dangerous race. Fans of mazes will guide the characters going through confusing corridors, collecting bonuses. You will hunt with them or at them, firing flock to save them, and flocks of people.

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