Nu, pogodi games

Nu, pogodi games

When the cartoon « Just you wait! » was at the peak of their popularity, it made the game of « Electronics », where four buttons controlling, forcing the wolf to catch a man in a basket with perches rolling eggs. Its analogue is now played online for free and you can play games Well, wait a minute, but the version has become more fun. Wolf does not have to miss a single egg, in fact penalties accumulate quickly, and have to start the process over again. At first, giving you get used to the speed will be minimal, and the number of objects you can quickly navigate to them, but the situation is rapidly heating up.

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Well, hare! Wait for it!

Nu, pogodi games Cartoon « Just you wait! » often compared to « Tom and Jerry ». The similarity in the main plot is, but to dismantle it in detail, are seen striking contradictions. At that time, as our post-Soviet direction tried to bring in the audience:

  • a healthy sense of humor
  • kindness  
  • responsiveness
  • friendship and even the ability to find a compromise

Overseas Products operated cruder methods. They often occurs unjustified aggression, selfishness, self-mutilation, horseplay. For them funny slip on a banana peel and explode a mine, tear off his head, tripped or pushed down the stairs in a toothy maw. In our own cartoons, even if the wolf with the hare and are in constant confrontation, it looked more harmless – No one else take his head. Children and adults uhohatyvalsya over their tricky sincerely and even a review of all the cartoon series has repeatedly failed to spoil the experience, but always recurring jokes were funny.

It is the universal love of restless couple do a good friendship, when there was a pocket toy « Electronics », which is credited with an unofficial continuation or clone consoles Nintendo EG-26 Egg. It wolf rushes across the screen and catch the eggs roll off the perches. The game became coveted for everyone, although little was available. It flirts kids and adults looking forward to the moment when played enough, they will give them fun. Just as today, playing casual games on mobile phones and tablets, before you could see the man who recklessly presses buttons « Electronics ». And if the class were a few happy its owners, satisfied with this competition, the highest pick up points will be the winner.

Travel to childhood playing games Well, wait a minute

Nu, pogodi games Nu, pogodi games Today, even if anyone will be found as an ancient curiosity, he is unlikely to cause such a stir. Well, except that the former young players who are now themselves become parents, to keep it as a souvenir, and pulling out of the box, be quiet sigh, remembering the children's passion.

Today, the game Well, wait for free can be found on the pages of the gaming sites that replicate the look and gameplay to the smallest detail. In addition, you can find several proposals to fold puzzles or return the color of the heroes in the paint. And if you come up with developers to complete a great game, many adults would gladly pay it attention. But while all this is not, we will settle for an impromptu version of « Electronics » Just you wait and play free online.

Those who had the pleasure of meeting this goal would be useful to know some of the features of the gameplay. On the field there are four perches, two right and left, and they are arranged one above the other to form two layers. Use the arrows to control the wolf should be helping him to catch balls that roll on perches so they do not fall, do not crash. It is worth to miss three eggs, the game ends. The maximum number of points you can dial 999, and then the game begins again. The speed and number of eggs growing all the time, so soon you'll just fly over the field.

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