Alice in Wonderland games

Alice in Wonderland games

What happens if you eat or drink something wrong? And you learn about it during an online game Alice in Wonderland. Alice loved to dream that one day she appeared in his dreams. Here she met the characters, and some have become her friends. He ran after the white rabbit, she went deeper into the unknown country where cats are disappearing gradually, while offended if you are trying to kill him, a card queen loves to chop the head, and always time for tea. Start playing free funny surreal quest and find the necessary things and Cheshire seals will be your bonus and tips.

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The amazing story of Alice

Alice in Wonderland games The English poet, mathematician and author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote a story under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll « Alice in Wonderland », which is published in 1865. This is a fantastic story about a girl having a lively, imaginative. Once in a dream she dreamed that she had fallen into a hole, and a rabbit, flying long tunnel was in a strange world, where everything is not as it seems at first. It's all built on illusions, objects come to life, and the living creatures have magical properties. It is worth something to eat or drink as the incredible metamorphosis taking place – can grow to enormous size, or reduced to the state of the mouse. Every action leads to unpredictable changes, the inhabitants live by their own rules and everything seems unusual.

The multi-faceted world of the game Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland games Alice in Wonderland games are in equally surreal manner. Once in Wonderland, along with the girl, ready to perform tasks, the passage of quests and puzzles. You will discover many secrets and discover, at last, the secrets, but on the way to the goal you will visit the land:

  • Tea Party;
  • Mushroom Garden;
  • flower garden;
  • White Castle;
  • The Red Castle. ;

You will be meeting with mad Hatter, problem solving and hidden object. Each location makes admire her colorful and impermanence. It is worth to spend a little mouse on the screen, and the picture begins to move. Collecting items, hover italics on thickets of flowers and they bend down to open the title.

You will be Assistant – Cheshire Cat, who has a habit of disappearing gradually, finally leaving only a smile. If you see a sand watch, too, take them to the collection – they increase the time for completion of the game phase for ten seconds. It's quite a bit, however, putting them a few pieces, help will be appreciable. Kotick also hiding in the bushes, and lay up his image for a larger number of active tips if you suddenly find yourself in a dead end in the passage. By clicking on its icon in the lower left area of ​​the screen, you will get help. Use the tips wisely, so they do not run out at the most inopportune moment. Here is a live picture and periodically appears the White Rabbit again to gallop, hurrying to an appointment card queen.

Also, you can play Alice in Wonderland play fighting checkers with different characters. Your partners will be the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and brothers and Tweedledum others. As the figures will serve on the board clock, sea shell with pearls and other items, but the rules are preserved classic. This is an excellent opportunity to learn a new board game, as if it is already familiar, then measure themselves with fantastic heroes.

In the road with Alice

Alice in Wonderland games Alice in wonderland games will help to explore in detail the bizarre world in which Alice inadvertently appeared, with all its optical illusions, cranky, formidable enemies:

  • mosquitoes;  
  • card-guards;
  • The trees come alive;

You will develop the skills to manage the characters and solve quests. To help in the missions you are:

  • March Hare;
  • armed with a pin Sonia;
  • MakTvisp (also known as White Rabbit);
  • Cheshire Cat;  
  • Hatter;

Everyone has their own abilities and capabilities, which will certainly be useful at different stages. Caught in an unusual place, we tend to be afraid of. Alice was initially uneasy, but curiosity outweighed and she boldly rushed forward toward adventure. Surely you are infected with an inquiring mind, but because the game about Alice will seem real boon. Go ahead, jump behind a girl in a hole and fly through the items that need to press down and collect bonuses in the very beginning of an odyssey.

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