Brave games

Brave games

and mischievous red-haired princess Merida anyone give odds in horse racing and archery. She knows how to easily win in the shooting competition at the Royal tournament, even if it will come against the best soldiers. In the role of a princess is a pleasure to play, especially when the online game Brave presented free of charge. Because it will release its bow arrowhead, and even bring down the stars of heaven, if it is indicated in the task of gaming products. Her keen eyes make out all the numbers in the image, even if they are cleverly hidden away. And like any girl, she is also a beauty salon need to bring hair in order and restore full marafet.

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Amazing game Brave

Brave games The idea is that the game Brave designed for girls. This princess is the main party to all the adventure, but since it is quite boyish habits, the stronger sex should also be interested to take part in them. See how skill Merida is controlled with a sword and a masterful archery. Such accuracy and dexterity envy any boy. Let her royal blood, but she lives rebellious spirit, passion warrior, arrow and rider. It is easy to win the competition in shooting, and if you open the game for free Braveheart, you will be able to accept the challenge of a red-haired beauty, and compete with it. In addition to her in archery compete with another three characters and you have the right to choose any. But because each has unique qualities that match their skills during the game. You have to study the four skills:

  • strength,  
  • endurance,
  • attention,
  • experience.

Brave games In order to show off the best, remember them, and then be sure to win. McGuffey incredibly strong, but different speed. He carefully takes aim, and if you hit the target, pull his arrows from the target will not be easy.

McIntosh stands vigilance, and it easily gets into the « bullseye », and on the lack of power is not complaining. Digvel a real favorite of fortune and a favorite of Fortune. Among its advantages is no special power or accuracy, but thanks to unprecedented success, the situation is such that his arrow will certainly hit the target. When you have any target painted with different colors, you have a good aim and try to get to the center to win more points. Arrows is not quite simple and some different features. They have a not very successful side, along with the very positive. If you decide to take a bone arrow, one must know that it is hard and difficult to manage, but it is able to penetrate a wooden shield. Change the form of arrows, you can always, but the amount of ammunition is limited, so take care of every shot. Beyond the usual targets you will see the other: blocks of ice, barrels and boxes. In order to break them up, pick a certain type of arrows, and when well-aimed hit crush object, he drops the trophy rewarding, bringing more game points. Depending on the value of typed points, you earn one of the medals: bronze – third place, silver – second, a gold – the main award for the winner.

Unusual game Braveheart

Brave games We have prepared for you and other free games Braveheart. You can search the image objects, but it is not a traditional game HOS. If you are used to find the image too much, but now you are invited to see the elements of the frame. In the small square in the tape job to show you particular section. This garment may be a character, its eye or ear, and part of the interior. Some fragments are recognized immediately, and some seemed enchanted – elude identification. Time passes inexorably, leaving no opportunity to play relaxed. Until you find all the details on the same picture, you will not be allowed to move to the next.

You can select the game Braveheart Action, or dress up and still get incredible pleasure of communicating with brave, persistent and freedom-loving princess Merida. It is not like those princesses who only zhemannichayut capricious and on every occasion. The Brave games to play, so charging energy enthusiasm, positivity and freedom. You are waiting for a pleasant subjects in colorful graphics, as well as communication with the heroes of the animated film of the same name.

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