Oggy and the Cockroaches games

Oggy and the Cockroaches games

fur seals on the poor who are just not making fun, that's now the turn of cockroaches – These nasty, dirty, impudent insects. To teach them a lesson, start playing free online game Auggie and Cucaracha, and see what can be done in order to get rid of them. Take on arming previous experience of cats and not fall for the old trick. Maybe handy sledgehammer to knock out all the fluff spirit with insects? The tool is good, but only in the fast hands. And if he is somewhere far away, you can beat a fist. Insects creep, hiding behind the objects on the table, but you look for them deftly.

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Oggy and the Cockroaches games Oggy and the Cockroaches games Many of you are probably fed up with the plot animated films where the main characters are the cats that prey on mice, getting into various scrapes and funny funny situations. If not, then at least for the famous French animation studio Gaumont Multimedia in 1998 I had the idea to come up with something completely new and interesting. The animated series, which is ridiculous, who would not like all the others, and that will appeal to absolutely everyone. So, at the end of the 20th century for 10 years on the blue screens went unusually cheerful animated series called Auggie and Cucaracha. After the release in 2008, the latest series of the 3rd season, the studio for a few years, took a break, and in 2012 released the long-awaited 4th season of the cartoon. What distinguishes this cartoon from the rest? At least the fact that in addition to the cat nicknamed Auggie, the main characters are three very real cockroach, who live together with Auggie in the same house. Just wondering what is now starring hunter cat who needs someone to catch, eat and so on, and cockroaches, which in every way mock and make fun of a cat. Auggie, in turn, quite lazy cat. He likes to eat, like all cats, likes to lie on the sofa and watch your favorite TV shows.

Cockroach Races

Oggy and the Cockroaches games The Animated Series has an abundance of characters, appearing in all four seasons, however, the same characters, which can be seen in each episode is more.

  • Auggie – the main character of the cartoon. Very cute, good cat. Perhaps in some distant variant it is a prototype of our Soviet Leopold. It does not harm anyone, quite lazy, likes to watch TV, eat delicious and listen to your favorite music.
  • Jack – the exact opposite of Auggie, despite the fact that he is his cousin. Jack quite unstable, prone to violence cat. That he often persuades Auggie to to avenge pesky cockroaches. Besides all this, Jack is in love with his sister Auggie – kitty nicknamed Monica.
  • Joey – the main character among the three cockroaches. He is their leader and main instigator of mischief and cunning plans. Its distinguishing feature of – colored eyes: one yellow and one pink or sometimes red.  
  • Dee Dee – most stupid cockroach gang Cucaracha. He always wants to have, because of what his friends often got in trouble. A distinctive feature of Dee Dee, except prozhorstva and stupidity, green eyes and a fat belly.
  • Oggy and the Cockroaches games Marks – the most slender and longest cockroach. Its main feature – bad breath. However, this does not preclude a further its distinctive features – He loves to go on dates, and be quite romantic. Similarly, it would seem, it is incompatible with the other character trait is love to fight.  

The rest of the cartoon characters are not as popular and do not appear in all episodes.

against cats or cockroaches game Auggie and Cucaracha!

Cartoon gained immense popularity among children and adolescents, prompting the developers of computer games run multiple toys with the characters of the animated series. Just like the cartoon, the game Auggie and Cucaracha gained much popularity. On our site you will find online games a series of flash-toys with the characters of this cartoon. Qualitatively traced, with an interesting plot and intuitive Auggie and Cucaracha game online will help you enjoy your free time and recharge your positive mood for a long time! Games suitable for everybody, because they lack elements of blood and violence. In addition, you do not need to pay anything to anyone to play – games are available on our website is absolutely free! Enough words – funny cat and cute Cucaracha have been waiting for you!

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