Tamagotchi games

Tamagotchi games

Today, it is again possible to play in the Tamagotchi. This toy was very popular, but it decided to ban, because when the electronic pet died without water, food and attention, the process can not be restored. Now the problem was solved and in case of failure, online games Tamagotchi can be restarted again and play for free. You can choose any pet: plant, dinosaur, kids, kittens and puppies, and many representatives of wildlife. Toys sustained the original style and even color. And, you can buy virtual money for additional accessories.

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The best friend of children!

Tamagotchi games online As a child many of us dreamed of have a pet. But most of the effect of certain problems could not fulfill his dream. Topic parents do not give the child the desired puppy or kitten perfectly revealed in the story of The Kid and Carlson. Soon, the parents have the opportunity to give your child the desired animal through the development of technology. Toy comes from Japan – Tamagotchi – made it possible to have a baby beloved pet, you want to walk, feed and care. In our time, the children have a variety of options to get a virtual pet. You can even rock out in the IMO, together with cute little animals.

On this page of our site you can find those Tamagotchi games that are designed for relaxation. They are not intended to present character cultivation for a long period of time. With this you can feel like the owner of a completely different animals – hamsters, turtles, and even dragons. Besides, you can not just spend an evening in the company of a cute animal, and download the game to your computer. And all this without registration, downloading, and sharing services with other difficulties – for free. Tamagotchi online play is very fun and interesting.

Tamagotchi – a virtual critter, which you need to take care of every possible way:

  • feed
  • water
  • to walk
  • clean  

How to play the game Tamagotchi?

Tamagotchi games online The original Tamagotchi released as cartridges for portable game console Game Boy. Then they turned into a stand-alone device, living their e-life, and in a variety of mini-games based on the same principle. Animals there are different:

  • virtual cat
  • a dog  
  • monkey
  • bird
  • Fish
  • homyachek

Moreover, in many games you can choose different colors for your pet computer, make it a boy or a girl. You'll see a few indicators of the animal, which can monitor the hunger, thirst, cleanliness of the animal and his house, health, boredom, fatigue. The main task in this toy – to prevent these rates dropped to zero. Then the animal may start to look for another host, if not killed. For example, if you have settled on your computer hamster, then he will live in a specially equipped cell. It has:

  • bowls for food and some water
  • house for the rest
  • Tamagotchi games online of wood for grinding teeth
  • simulator-wheel for exercise in the women

When you want to feed it, you click on the icon or nuts zёrnyshek – they appear on the screen, and the hamster gnaws them with pleasure. If you need to buy an animal, bedding, entertain, treat, it is transferred to the virtual hand in the tub, crib, on an exercise machine in the hospital sector. This game can go on indefinitely though, because the hamster needs constantly change each other – So he ate, but he was immediately necessary to have a drink, and when he drank, it's time to wash the bear. When he redeems, he wants to sleep, run, or there again. Another option is a fun – this is when the indicators of the pet should be brought to a particular state, after which the game will continue in a different level, where your pet will be a little older, he will have slightly different needs. If you, for example, begin to take care of the baby gorilla, in the first round, it will need to feed milk from a bottle and keep track of the weight indicator. When the gorilla grows up, it will change to food, sweet bananas and taking care of it will be in wool combing and washing. Some animals are more and unique indicators, except the main. If you zavedёsh dog, he should be given a sufficient amount of physical activity, to develop his mind – To do this, the game will be specific buttons and special exercises. On our game portal contains very interesting Tamagotchi online games – perhaps they will help to check the seriousness of your intentions before you start yourself real little animals.

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