Battle games for the boys

Battle games for the boys

I'm sure you want to play free online games Battle. This is especially fond of the young man who did not bother fighting in life, but about the virtual world is no doubt. We organized sports arenas, where a fair fight can go with the boxer, karate or sumo wrestler. There are also fights without rules. Then go out into the street, where the most dangerous gang city already waiting for you around the corner. But remember, in her presence all the attributes of the bandit. Want to large-scale operations? Hopefully, the battle for the throne, the country, the planet will suit you.

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Yes, the battle will begin!

Battle games for the boys Battle games for the boys In computer games show many military battle. In medieval battle powerful warriors fighting with swords, let each other arrows or trying to pierce enemies with spears. In modern battles soldiers armed with rapid-guns, pistols and grenade launchers. They are supported by armored tanks, and planes and helicopters strafing enemy troops with machine guns. There is also a battle in which you can go through the whole process of the development of military technology: from primitive clubs to fantastic laser systems.

If you know very well free browser game battle of any kind you will not find it difficult. It can take place in the form of strategy – in your building you create warriors, and they immediately go towards the enemy structure, fighting with enemies encountered along the way. The aim of this game is the complete destruction of another's castle. War is often divided into separate levels, which is necessary to win a small area. Each battle games require large financial investments – virtual money is spent on the creation of new soldiers to the ongoing improvement. They earn during the battle. For example, it is given as a reward for each defeated enemy, or appear in the form of artifacts in the game space, where they have to pick up the cursor.

There is a battle to which the alien military equipment

  • The aliens are attacking the Earth and you lead the Air Force, flying saucers firing using combat aircraft;  
  • The two distant galaxies satisfied battle with each other, and you become one of the rulers of these empires, manage the construction of military bases and the creation of units, to send troops to attack or you give command to remain on the defensive.

Notable characters – active participants in the game Battle

Battle games for the boys In computer battles of war and famous movie characters such as Optimus Prime, the head Autobot mechanistic race. In the story of the game Transformers battle for possession takes a powerful source of energy – Decepticons want to recover it, and Optimus together with other Transformers-Autobots protect a valuable resource, killing attacking enemies. Most often in games involving not only the rank and file soldiers, but also unique fighters, possessing special powers, knowing the magic spell, the mega powerful fighting techniques, and then run the special characters of this game for free Battle allows. As a rule, these guys have a much greater margin of health, and if they die in battle, then after some time again to return to the battle. Collected in this section of our website online battle game offer a very diverse – with the most breathtaking scenes, multi-level tasks, unique characters.

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