Carousel games

Carousel games

A ride on attractions free of charge: what could be more attractive? Then start to play online games Carousel, where you will decorate themselves running in circles deer, tigers, horses and lions. Kids will be able to solve puzzles, collect puzzles and move squares pyatnashek. Each game has a developing character, and as you progress through the job, you expand your vocabulary, learn to count, memorize the location on the map of countries and cities. Space travel here is quite real, and even to be meeting with the aliens who were not quite so insidious.

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Games Carousel give joy to all

Carousel games Carousel games In 1969, a series of his short movie "Merry Go Round". Modern kids this time seem so unimaginably distant, but parents grew into good and funny cartoon about a lazy Antoshka, who did not want to dig potatoes; greedy chipmunk cheeks to hide behind the peas; funny turtle; who can not fly ostrich and many more characters. The issue lasted until 2001, and probably you wonder what your parents looked to understand – old cartoons were very interesting.

Similarly, the animated spinning carousel with perky songs, anticipating a series of cartoons, we decided to create its own version of fun products – Games carousel. Secure the carousel for the kids

Small players – our honored guests. For them, we have a great educational fun. If you do not understand something, ask mom for help, and it will show how to do the job.

  • small animals sit on the basket.

Carousel games

Once in the park, everyone wants to get on the Ferris wheel, that's a small little animals dream to climb high in the sky at this attraction. Each cubicle is designed for a particular pet, and to tell you who and where to plant, painted baskets on their images. Once seated on the first four places, the wheel starts spinning. Well, the first run was excellent. Now turn new customers. Proceed similarly distributing animals baskets, and at the same time try to remember what they are called.

  • Gather round.

This game will require effort and logic. On the field faces cubs and hippopotamus, which you have to rotate so that they are lined up in a circle. It turns out a kind of a roundabout. As soon as the same images come together, once scattered to make way for a new set of animals. The game just seems confusing at first, but it soon becomes clear to the principle of action.

  • Decorate the carousel.

The picture is lit with ornate garlands and colorful paints. But if you want you can supplement DETA   lyami that you find in stock. First, do some work on the structure itself, changing the color of the dome, pillars and foundation. Then get to work on the little animals carousel – lion, tiger and deer. By clicking on each, you invoke a menu with a set of tools – bows, saddles, hats and jewelry on his neck.

  • Going to the park? This is an occasion to dress up.

Carousel games

Girls love all sorts of dress up, so they know what to do – choose the girl in clothes of the most beautiful outfit.

  • brawl with balls.

One game reminds Zuma. Bear tries to get a pot of honey, and for this it is necessary to shoot balloons fleeing snake. On another occasion, a gun shoot objects at the top, too, choosing the right color.

includes a channel carousel

Now the monitor invite players with experience, because we have interesnenkoe for them, and it – Game Channel carousel. This is useful, educational games and the use of logic. Here you go to the most genuine space adventure, where he had been on different planets, meet aliens, pirates, will fulfill orders, enter into battle. You can tighten the black hole, or an asteroid crashes into the ship and cause damage.

to dress up the Christmas tree, showing the talent of the designer, and the restaurant Serve visitors, offering them a menu of the day. Also look for matching items and various amusements, solve puzzles, play the piano and open the photo lab, battle in the sea battle and show sniper skills in the biathlon.

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