Taxi games

Taxi games

When the rush to the airport, late for work, or in any other place, it is best to call a taxi. It does not stop at each stop and did not travel picks up and carries you to the specified address, trying to choose the best route. If you want to feel like a driver who is fighting with the city traffic jams, red lights and police patrol cars, you should go to the free online game Taxi to play and feel the whole drive of the upcoming race. If you can deliver passengers on time and without complications, he would pay well.

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is not a lift?

Taxi games online Taxi quite expensive mode of transport and to its services people use only when they have heavy luggage or they are late. That is why every taxi driver is a sort of urban riders. Remember the series of films « Taxi » and you will understand what it means to be a true ace roads. Taxi nobody canceled the traffic lights and traffic rules, but sometimes you have to take risks and break them, to deliver passengers to their destination. This work is very nervous, requires tremendous endurance and patience, as well as knowledge of the psychology of the human soul to find the approach to each client.

Taxi games online Games taxi and excitement filled the speaker, because this kind of race. Sometimes you have to get serious problems with the law, but such is the world of business. Imagine that you're sitting behind the wheel of the car, and the passenger in the back seat yelling that will pay you for the double rate, if you stay within ten minutes and whisk him to the airport. The situation is standard, although it is not clear why it was necessary to wait until the last moment, then to drive horses. Why not plan your time and get out in advance?

Another situation – you arrive at the airport, train station or sea port. You wait too long, but there was another problem. Machines come, bringing travelers to their flight, and parking places at all lacking. But a car is going to move off and release the coveted place in the sun. You've already gathered him to take, but then notice that other drivers too, keep your foot on the pedal to rev and get the space formed before anyone else. Who will be the winner in this competition depends on agility, reaction speed and ability to maneuver each.

Taxi – this is a business and offer our games to test himself in this role. You'll fight not only for parking, and develop the speed, but also to fight for every passenger who stand by the road and catch a free car. When his passenger managed to get, try not to disappoint her and arrive at the address in a timely manner. A successful trip will pay in addition to the counter, and even tips. At the end of each shift are calculated revenues and buy her new parts, pumping his wheelbarrow. The Bole innovative manipulations you make, so it will be less break and drive fast, and when confidence in the reliability of the car, you can not be distracted by too much, knowing that the suspension does not become loose, the brake will not give up, the wheels did not come down, and will not stop you in the middle path . [eleven]

Taxi games online Meet the new profession, playing games Taxi

In America, people come from all corners of the earth in the hope of getting rich, or at least improve their financial background. Many do not even know English, but it does not prevent them from going to work in a taxi. Funny moments of communication with the driver is often featured in films to entertain the audience, but when the situation happens in life, it is no laughing matter. During one game a taxi you will be faced with a similar theme. A certain Abu came from Bombay and is already full is itself a wealthy man. But to become a taxi driver, it is first necessary to obtain the rights. It is easier to decide on this, than done. Your help is useful to an Indian, and he will be very grateful for it. Visit the driving school with him and do everything possible to ensure that New York City taxi driver has a new ace.

In different games you are waiting for the difficult tasks, and sometimes the problem will include a number of specific tasks. You have to park at the time, to cope with difficult slopes and sharp turns, to overcome obstacles, to pass the maze and make a quick repair the car.

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