Pregnant games

Pregnant games

In the future, waiting for the girls own experience of motherhood, a while you can play free online games pregnant. Go through the different stages of the child's expectations, a help then appear long-awaited baby. Because you understand these fun – Pregnancy happy time, a refuse to hairstyles, makeup and beautiful things there is no need. O Take care order in the nursery in which to settle chubby little boy. Make it the most comfortable and attractive, apart toys and furniture. At the hospital, mom help meet her baby, to provide medical assistance, a then take care of the baby.

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Games for girls pregnant: what awaits expectant mothers?

Pregnant games for girls When the expectant mother learns that her baby will be, it is ready to flutter with joy. From the first day she was preparing for a meeting with his kid, buying toys, clothes, crib stroller – all gifts to her sweet chubby little boy. In the dreams of a woman is her son or daughter will smile, utter the first word, make a timid first step. As a kid will get acquainted with the world, to make progress, and it will be proud of it, and with enthusiasm, enthusiasm to convince girlfriends what it her special, unique, different from the others.

To this burly baby born, my mother trying to eat right, and after the birth of a new man, he is paying attention, affection and care. The world begins to swirl around the small, such defenseless creatures. Young mothers want to do it right, and always worried. Being a mom, it is also the work that you need to learn. To teach the parents to deal with kids, there is a special school for pregnant women and for girls, who are curious to learn about the tricks of the parent role, set up free games pregnant.

Important game themes

For pregnant sew special clothes, books give all sorts of advice on nutrition, exercise and general well-being, and games for girls, pregnant beat aspects of the interim status of a woman while waiting for the toddler. In our category only fun on the theme of pregnancy, which are divided into topics:

    • Pregnant games for girls Cooking
    • Dress for pregnant women
    • The medical examination
    • The birth of the child
    • Care for babies
    • Make-up
    • Shopping
    • Cleaning
    • [thirty]

In anticipation of the baby

If a woman is pregnant, she drops out of life, and continues to engage in favorite things, but now it has an additional interest. The growing belly can be nice to emphasize the stylish clothes that designers create in excess. Hair, manicure and make-up are also relevant. But now we have to eat food more useful, rich in vitamins, and only occasionally indulge yourself baking, candy stores and lemonade.

Pregnant games for girls Games pregnant mothers open courses on cooking different dishes, including many delicious and healthy recipes. You will become an assistant for the main character, taking over most of the work in the kitchen, so as not to tire the future mother.

On your shoulders lay down and cleaning. When a pregnant woman's belly gets too large, it is difficult to bend down in order to pick up things from the floor. Sometimes they accumulate too much, and then you will come to the rescue, because the purity of the premises is also conducive to health. Washing is important too, so you will and this obligation. And prepare the nursery, making it repair, spreading new furniture and toys.

shopping trip to the department of clothes for the kids – Currently festive event. Small vests, sliders, tops, jackets and caps and such nice little myagenkie that want to buy more new things. Our heroine is also happy to go for children's little things, anticipating how they will put this beauty on the kid.

Pregnant women take on a special beauty, and some have even become models posing for the magazine. Even the world famous slender and blond babe decided to become a mother, as reported by playing a pregnant Barbie. Along with it you will pass the important stages of pregnancy. It remains true to itself and continues to dress stylishly, monitors the condition of hair and skin, adheres to the recommendations of physicians to quickly go to the hospital, where she will meet with her wonderful baby.

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