Service games

Service games

Online games service will show players the situation on the other side of the counter and the counter. You used to feel consumers, but it's time to learn how to see us sellers, hospital staff, teachers, hotel employees, hairdressers. Absolutely free you can play each of these professions, and to feel the wrath of those who use the services. Perhaps it would be kind of a lesson and will help to further adjust their behavior. Take your customers and try to provide a service in the best possible way, so that people do not languish in the queue and have not left your restaurant.

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Service games Game maintenance educate a generation of businessmen

Today, even children's games have become an economic slant, gently teach the kids the basic principles of business. Great Life begins with the game and let the game online service seem to be just fun, they demonstrate to young gamers ABC's own business. Every beginning is difficult, but it's nice when a small service point grows to an entire network of large stores, hotels, banks, restaurants, factories, hospitals, beauty salons. First, you have almost no money, and the range of modest, but the hard work you can earn more and more, until Put together a huge capital.

We serve customers on the highest level

Service games The scope of services is extensive, and refers to the whole, where the actions are intended to help customers. You yourself constantly use the services of hairdressers, retailers, doctors, teachers, waiters, cashiers, consultants. Now you can stand in their place, playing games on the service, to find out more about these occupations. Related Categories games can be divided into topics:

  • Beauty (fashion design, hairdressing, manicure and pedicure, cosmetologist, makeup artist)
  • Medicine (dentistry, surgery, massage, pediatrics, veterinary science)
  • Shops (jewelery, confectionery, clothing, shoes, toys, wedding salons, etc.)
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Transportation Service (railway, airport, taxi, public transport)
  • Education (teachers and teachers)
  • Animals (farm pets)
  • Hotels

People are used to the slogan: "The customer is always right", and now it is actively used, often abused. If yours is found peccadillo capricious behavior as customer service, it's time to imagine yourself in the other role. Imagine that you are settled in a shop selling sweets. It seems that the best of this work is not – in fact always mono eat goodies and himself. But with the opening of the doors to the institution comes first one, then just three, then five of the visitors, and after them have already formed a real place. And all in a hurry, you customize and indignant slowness. You start to get nervous, and that's the first mistake – instead you packed chocolate biscuit raspberry. Naturally, the customer is dissatisfied, and it is necessary to quickly correct the mistake. If you do not keep within the allotted time for each person at risk of losing their customers and money, which are so necessary to buy new goods and equipment.

Service games The situation is similar with another business. Hotel tenants are asked to clean a room, bring them a new towel and breakfast and still have to have time to register new guests. The hospital is growing all patients who begin to lose consciousness if they are not urgently help. The zoo animals raise hungry roar, if you do not feed them on time. We do not keep up with toddler in kindergarten – they have spread and can get into trouble. The beauty of women rushing to clean the feathers to go on a date and celebration, so try not to detain them.

Games for service – use during fun

Games for girls online service, and like the boys, because they, too, dream in the future to acquire their own business. And if the girls can try job as a waitress, secretary, maid, the stewardess, the young men will approach the profession as a taxi driver, pizza guy, farmer, fireman.

In order to highlight the gameplay found, work in the salon hairstyles for monsters in the cafe for a zombie on kotofabrike and Santa's toy factory, stay a stylist at the Pou.

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