My Talking Angela games

My Talking Angela games

Play free online games My Talking Angela can be a mobile phone or online. This stylish, fashionable white little kitty real talker, and is ready to talk to c you on various topics or sing a cheerful song. She has many interests, a more she is in love with Tom. After several meetings, romantic, they decided to start a family, and is now waiting for the kitten. Accompany the happy couple to the clinic, and then help to light a sweet kitten. Angela C offers trendy fashion shows, trips to the beauty parlor, romantic, musical fun, happy holidays.

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Games my speaking Angela always find something to say

My Talking Angela games Are you familiar with cat Tom – Two Times the more, because your every phrase uttered into the microphone, it plays exactly. One day he had a sweetheart – cutie Angela. It is a white cat, who graciously accepts amorous courtship Tom, but, as any beauty, intolerant of his blunders. As he sings to her serenade under the window, gives sweets and decorations, she thanks him a friendly smile and air kisses, but should happen unfortunate surprises as she snorted with displeasure, leaving the balcony, hiding in the room.
Like all cats, she loves when she scratched his tummy and behind the ear. From these she touches mruzhit eyes and squats with pleasure. But the tail of her best not to pull so as not to feel the effects of sharp claws.

Out of a kitten in a stylish lady

Games my speaking Angela charge you the care and upbringing of the heroine. In your home, it gets a tiny kitten, which is amazing luxurious outfits and pursue the dream of becoming a celebrity. Along the way you will pass the older, but for now let's play in these areas:

  • Care for a little Angela.  

By connecting a microphone, say a short phrase and it promyaukaet her in her sweet golosochkom. And by clicking on the different icons, you will be able to bathe her in the shower, drier hairdryer, brush her teeth.

  • Fashionable Angela.

My Talking Angela games These include free games, my talking Angela, in which the heroine is trying on designer outfits, making manicure on their tiny claws and changing hairstyles. You will again be useful icons with different functions by pressing that you change every detail of the wardrobe, finding a new way. Changes are subject to some of the details and the scenery surrounding it – there are vases, flowers in pots, curtains on the windows.

  • Angela in the hospital.

Sometimes it feels discomfort, and it is urgently necessary to show the doctor who quickly determine the cause of the disease and the cure. Become an assistant doctor and spare Angela from pain in the tummy, her nose clean, restore it after the injury, administer first aid during fainting. When they have with Tom is about to appear kitten, collect things for the hospital, call an ambulance and help the fluffy lumps to be born. Next you need to make newborn vaccination, so he did not get sick.

  • The musical moment.

Tom so happy appearance of the baby, which is composed to celebrate Angela's song. As he sings, you can hear and see in a short video clip, which tells the story of tender feline love.

  • Puzzles.  

My Talking Angela games It's simple – Angela talking my game play offers the familiar rules, where you have to collect colorful picture of our beauty, serving as a model or preparing for Christmas.

Moore-Moore-Moore, this feline glamor

Angela felt the royal breed. Her appearance always causes admiration and adoration from the public. With natural grace she poses for the photo and TV cameras, confident in its irresistibility.

Tom was very fortunate that this "sweetie" is in love with him, and now they have a baby-kitten. Soon he grows up and learns to talk, too. In the meantime, you can chat with a young couple, and to accompany them during the Valentine's Day, on walks, in the salon hairstyles. Comb luxury fur Angela, pick a beautiful dress and accessories, change the design of the environment, and do not forget to take care of her health. The longer you are next to the heroine, the more you fall in love with her. Games about it a lot, so that communication will be long, pleasant, fun and informative.

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