Escape from the room games

Escape from the room games

An original way to train logic is offered by free online Escape from the room games . A whole series of games offers to play, looking for objects in each room, in order to then apply them by starting a new action. Small puzzles keep curious players excited to know what will happen if the story is played to the end. Look for letters and keys, open boxes and enter codes, collect puzzles and get bonuses. Beautiful and stylish game episodes will become your favorite pastime for a long time. Play and get even smarter with each completed game.

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Addictive free Escape from the room games online

Escape from the room games online What the Escape from the room games offer , players used to call looking for hidden objects for finding a way out. All the manipulations to be performed are aimed precisely at finding hidden elements in space.

  • Move objects (paintings, furniture, carpets, etc.) away to explore the space behind them
  • Looking into the boxes
  • Remembers codes, and enter them in the right places
  • Arranging things in a certain order
  • Solving puzzles

Escape from the room games include a large collection of game logic products for fans of puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty. If some games will captivate the younger generation of gamers, then along with them you can find a serious challenge to the intellect. Some tasks look a little intimidating at first glance, and require study in order to understand the requirements.

How to play

Escape from the room games online You will not have any tips, but you can move in several rooms using the arrows on the screen, exploring every corner, every centimeter of the perimeter. Move your mouse down, right or left and you will see a pop-up arrow pointer. By clicking on it, you will move in the selected direction to continue your manipulations.

How to play Escape from the room games. Controls happen by using the mouse. When you hover the cursor over an object, it changes if you can do something with it: take, drag, activate, change appearance.

Game Features

The most common action is collection. Wandering through the rooms, you collect something. It can be cubes with numbers and signs, letters, CDs or other things. What you have collected will definitely find a use and, probably, you will have to lay out a word or arrange the elements in a certain order to launch a hidden mechanism. So you can open the safe, move the secret shelf, get a new clue or another item.

You will face well known and new versions of tasks in the Escape from the room games. You are prompted to restore the correct order of numbers on the panel; unravel the thread so that it doesn’t intersect anywhere; place the colors on the field so that there are no repetitions of shades in the rows; set the time, guided by a certain formula; go through the maze.

Escape from the room games online Each version of Escape from the room games has a different theme, and you'll love exploring a new location over and over again in search of hiding-places. Fans of this direction don’t get tired of exploring new horizons and accepting the next challenge of the logical game. Once you've learned how to complete simple missions, you're ready to start a new one with more difficult tasks.

Such games develop and constantly maintain the flexibility of thinking in the form. You learn to find a way out, to look for a solution to a problem. You have enough time for passing, and this distinguishes games from other offers where players are driven by a timer.

Every gamer should certainly have a series of such games in their bookmarks in order to periodically refer to them as a training for the brain. Thanks to a wide variety of stories, you will not get tired of traveling through different rooms full of secrets and surprises. Even the usual search for paired pictures looks like a difficult task - there are many more cards, fewer identical ones, and they open only for a second.

It's time to start entertaining gameplay, and independently study all the offers for logic. It will be fun, and you will become a regular guest of the rubric, each time enjoying a new adventure in the next room with hiding-places.

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