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South Park games

Like the animated series South Park online game is built on a particular humor. Apart from the fact that the heroes busy with everyday problems, they sometimes exhibit incontinence, and flies off the rails. Start playing for free, and can effectively come to a rock concert, crashing into the crowd on the car, knocking spectators, tents and sweeping in the way of other cars. The mission to save Kenny will have to shoot all of his attackers, and then help avoid the loss of the city, sending lava collected on his own track. With Eric, Kyle Stanley, Kenny and Leopold bored impossible.
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on the eponymous animated series

South Park games South Park games LPs projects become so due to its popularity. That audience is determined whether the extension will be, and"South Park"touched their souls desired string to become second only to The Simpsons for the duration of the seasons and releases. Starting in 1997, he continues to delight us with a sharp sense of humor and stories on topics of the day: sports, politics, religion, nationality and culture. These aspects are subject to stereotypes among American society and in other countries, but because the product is relevant for everyone.

Style of the animated series selected primitive, showing the world flat. Authors Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the first months of the characters cut out of paper and decorations, but since moved on to computer graphics, while retaining the original look. During the existence of the series based on it appeared additional products: albums, books, toys, pinball, and a full-length cartoon South Park game.

Pyat children's cartoon images and games South park

Vy get an imaginary city Saunt Park, which always lie snowdrifts, and then unfolds, participants are five children. Up to four characters of release went to the third grade, they are now moved into fourth. And these kids make adults strain, seeing as they raise issues and come to some conclusions.

  • Butters Leopold Stotch or a mild character. He clamped and easily suggestible, but may surprise ironic joke or insight. He tries to remain optimistic.
  • Kenny McCormick in difficult circumstances and very poor family. At the end of each episode he is killed, but he reappears at the beginning of the next.
  • Kyle Broflovski kind to the family, loved friends, vulnerable and listens to the opinions of others. It makes a lot of wrong actions, but trying to make sense of the result and to correct errors.
  • Stanley Marsh
  • – sane, good boy, pondering actions before they commit, but he sometimes makes mistake.
  • Eric Theodore Cartman – very rough and cruel character. Permissiveness made ​​him unbalanced, short-tempered young man spoiled. It demonstrates the sadistic and expresses racist views. At the same time he has an amazing ability to earn money and lead people.

Game World South Park

South Park games wonderful game South Park truths stick pleased with the players in the plot of the animated series style. Dressed in costumes of the children of wizards fighting for the main prize of – stick of truth. According to their idea, it allows you to rule the world, but to seize it, it is necessary to win the war by completing several quests. First, create the selected character costume, and then get to work. Games about South Park represent the options, that the gameplay was varied:

  • Gonki
  • Strelyalki
  • Brodilki
  • Sozdanie own istorii

Chtoby write his own version of events, select the replica in the dialogues, and it will turn the story in a certain way. If you want to see alternative scenario South Park online game, just replay and select other options.

Stand on the protection of Kenny, who is tired to die. Punish his attackers, shooting a gun, and the other version you are offered with knives that children throw at him. If you 're clever enough, Kenny will have time to run to the door and hide behind it. He has five attempts, that is five lives. In other games South Park play is no less interesting, and it's time to start your adventure running any.

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