Timon and Pumbaa games

Timon and Pumbaa games

The colorful characters from the animated film "The Lion King" - Timon and Pumbaa now entertain you in computer games. They invite them to play free online games Timon and Pumbaa to positive energy. Fortress warthog Pumbaa and jolly Smith, selfish meerkat Timon Berkovets always busy. The pictures for the coloring or the collection of the puzzle they were frozen in the most interesting moments, and in the course of their work is interesting to look at. If you want action active, go to catch beetles, and then use them for shooting; until the larvae; Destroy forest monsters.
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Games Timon and Pumbaa are invited to the jungle

When Disney released a full-length animated film"The Lion King", the audience admired the story about the little lion cub, which would deprive the throne treacherous enemies. The story is full of humor and tragedy. The story touched the hearts of not only children but also adult audiences. When the product is obtained interesting for him to continue and remove the sequels to maintain audience interest longer. So there was a separate cartoon, and then computer games, and now you have to rest, opening the game Timon and Pumbaa free.
Let the games continue cinematic scenarios are not, it's for the better, because this way you can re-discover something new, undiscovered, amazing.


of the leading heroes of the games Timon and Pumbaa

  • Timon and Pumbaa games Pumbaa named Smith – pretty good-natured African warthog. He hates being called a pig, and can not help it, and revenge in their resentment. Like a wild boar, his mouth growing a pair of long fangs. Although the exterior appears threatening, it is quite peaceful, vulnerable and unsophisticated, if it does not reach. Manners clearly not trained and can considerably spoil the air or a loud burp. He loves his friend Timon, and allows him to ride on itself in a literal sense. Rarely it offers something reasonable, and when that happens, his ideas assigns Timon, Pumbaa but it can not be angry forever, and forgive quickly. Another hero loves to eat, completely devoid of voice and hearing, can not keep a secret, but knows the geography and goes to extremes, then trusting what has been said, neither believing anything.
  • Timon Berkovets – meerkat, a friend Pumbaa. Although she loves her partner, but always enjoys his trust and reliability. Actually he is the most selfish, lazy and sly, arrogant and greedy, but still an excellent tactician, a gifted singer and insightful in many cases. As an inveterate adventurer, constantly gets into horror stories, but always finds the opportunity to escape. And if he sees a chance to eat for free, it will never give up this opportunity, forgetting to be careful.

Start Timon and Pumbaa game play and surely will meet other characters who rarely appear in the stories, but sometimes indulge his presence players: villain Bruiser Quint, old friends Timon and Pumbaa - Fred and Shustrik, hyenas Shenzi, rabbit and others.

They do not get bored

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Timon and Pumbaa games

Timon and Pumbaa games Once Timon showed true nobility, inviting a friend, that he will prepare a wonderful dinner for gourmets.

  Games Timon and Pumbaa offer to play for free at:

    • Golovolomki 
    • Prigotovlenie edy
    • Raskraski
    • Pazly
    • Poisk hidden objects or bukv
    • Kvesty
    • What are the ingredients needed for this dish? Of course, not do without snails, earthworm, furry caterpillars, grasshoppers, ladybugs and fireflies, and many insects, which give an incredible shade of savory meat flavor. He collects them with enthusiasm among the leaves in the jungle, where so little bugs like to hide. It is useful to your kind and attentive gaze, to find all the ingredients for future meals. If you can not find a particularly clever insects, use the hint, but only three times.


      On another occasion, the game Timon and Pumbaa online amuse you with new stories. Timon has again decided to show himself, and fashioned out of the board, caterpillars and beetles skate, and now is ready to ride, making high jumps, somersaults and difficult tricks.


    when he is weary and with Pumbaa he want to fight lined with the board, exposing the red and blue beetles. Managing, try to fill the board with their figures to win the battle of the bugs in the game Timon and Pumbaa.
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