Fifi and the Flowertots games

Fifi and the Flowertots games

Funny stories prepared free online game Fifi and floral kids, and they can be seen, if you play with me-nots Fifi and her friends: Violetta, domes and Rosie. They take care of the garden, growing plants are amazing. They even have a store with useful products, which operates Makovka. This is good, cute characters, and you enjoy their company, playing hide and seek, grown from the seeds of beautiful flowers, collect fruits, avoiding obstacles. With them you can train your memory and observation, learn math, to memorize the names of objects - all of it is useful and fun.
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Games Fifi and floral kids about friendship

Fifi and the Flowertots games Fifi and the Flowertots games children quickly recognize the kindness and reach for it. Educating all positive teachers do not only with parents but also children's cartoons, joined by computer games. About friendship, mutual assistance and diligence filmed wonderful British animated series, where the protagonists are the flowers and insects. Game Fifi and flower kids have picked up the baton and now kids aged 2-8 years can continue to communicate with cute characters.
According to the gaming products for children will be easier to remember the names of flowers and insects neighbors. They have learned to distinguish between good and bad deeds, heroes example realize that live together better, and then any deal will be on the shoulder, and even resist pests much easier together. In addition, they have the opportunity to learn to count, memorize the names of subjects and learn English.

A cheerful flower company

  Since we were in the atmosphere of the game Fifi's free, you can open any proposal, and go with the heroes of exciting adventures, but first get acquainted with each closer.

  • – Fifi forget-me- main character. Always smiling, sympathetic, kind. He likes to take care of the garden and has a lot of friends. To arrange a house in the yellow jersey.
  • Rosie
  • – primrose (so called her a flower). He does not tolerate chaos chistyulya and strictly monitor their appearance. Because very fond of her friend Fifi, is constantly striving to dress her.
  • Fifi and the Flowertots games Makovka – poppy flower. Often it comes to me-nots, to help with the work in the garden. She's in a pumpkin a shop with various goods.  
  • – Violet Violet. Shy, sympathetic, loves to draw, with a sweet Rosie lives in a small house - tavern.
  • Tooley
  • – tulip flower. She Aunt Fifi, and loves all the flower children, often arranged tea parties in their circle. He lives in a pineapple - house.
  • Check boxes
  • – gooseberries. Among all the smallest plants, and because Fifi protects it ensures that no crumbs hurt, and he does not make mischief. Sometimes it is behaving too rapidly. The flowers have neighbors insects. Not all of them are nice, but most of them friends with kids.
  • – industrious buzzing bee. She's a friend Fifi, and often comes to visit with goodies – personally cooked honey. She is allergic to the pollen of flowers, but her friends with the inhabitants of the town of flower that does not stop.
  • Webby
  • – elderly wise spider, always ready to give advice to friends. Her house –
  • Wide Web
  • – Rubik silent worm and pet Tooley.
  • Ozzy
  • – male wasp. He lives in the apple and floral hurting kids. She loves honey, but it is not able to prepare.
  • Sleek, Slyak – each slug Ozzy. Performs host assignments, but his slowness irritated him. In love with Rosa, and the lives of her house. To get her attention, sometimes doing something romantic.
  • – Environmental Mo machine Fifi. With it, forget-me- transporting harvest rolls and friends.

Nice baby care

Working in the garden like a game. Fifi she was not tired, because she is so fond of their plants. There, she grows juicy fruits and beautiful flowers. Game Fifi forget-me share with you stories, and so you can enjoy a pleasant troubles.
planted in seed beds and make sure that they have sprouted. Help the girl to catch all the fruits and blooming buds in the air, avoiding the collision with the wasps in the game Fifi and floral kids. Play hide and seek with Violetta, with Meaux catch juicy berries, but do not touch any objects. Fifi sometimes forgets the names of objects, but it will help you remember them, and the cards potreniruetes your memory by remembering where and how images are seen to gather steam.

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