Flintstones games

Flintstones games

Online games Flintstones continue to develop the story more beloved in the 60s animated series. Now mono play for free, helping to Fred to win the race to prehistoric car, truck and mobile cranes, running away from the toothy dinosaur set a new personal best in bowling. There will be real danger - to survive in the earthquake, not the spirit of surfactants. Previously, a similar case of a constant, but the ancient people have learned to live with it. Flintstone decided to explore the cave at the moment of the next earthquake, but it does not stop, jumps and dips in the ground to collect coins.
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Game The Flintstones: comfortable life of the Stone Age

Flintstones games Flintstones games A great idea to move a modern society with its technology in the Stone Age. Implement the idea back in the 60s took off animated series"The Flintstones", which is now turned into a virtual world of the game Flintstones scenes.
In the fictional town of Bedrock live near two families – Flinstvouny and Rabbly. They are something of a caricature of the American lifestyle 50s. Fred – Leading figure working at a construction site and interested in sports, and in the evenings and weekends meets with neighbors to discuss the plans and have fun.
Since the scenario of modern life stylized prehistoric period, the characters have all the necessary – machines, equipment, utensils. That's just for a ride in the car heroes repelled feet from the ground, and the appliances they are animals, birds and even dinosaurs.

Characters and devices

Only agile mind could come up with animals adapt for everyday needs. Perhaps the idea of ​​the game Flintstones little family will be useful to you.
If there is no shredder waste, it is necessary to have a lizard; take a shower will help the mammoth, issuing a stream of water trunk. Mammoth also did not remain idle. Fixed on a board with wheels, it becomes a vacuum cleaner. You want to listen to music? Get the bird and get the big seashell. Beak bird uses as the gramophone needle, and through the shell comes the sound. Other animals will become your pets as tall dinosaur Dino Flintstones replaced puppy, saber-toothed cat Kitty – instead of a kitten, and the family lives Rabbl Hoppy – mixture of a kangaroo with a dinosaur. By understanding how life works cavemen, it's time to get acquainted with themselves before starting the game online Flintstones.
Family Rabbl:

  • Pebels – daughter Wilma and Freda 

Nablyudaya for heroes, it becomes clear that centuries pass, and people have the same interests.

  • Barney (full name Bernard –) – best friend Fred, who lives over the fence from nego
  • Betti (full name Elizabeth –) – wife Bernarda
  • Bamm - Bamm – adopted kid with a huge siloy 



  • Fred – Chief geroy
  • Vilma – Spouse Freda
  • Women talk about fashion, share recipes and dishes and upbringing of children, discussing their husbands and men in general. The male half after work likes to sit at the bar to talk about sports, politics, women. Starting to play games Flintstones, you'll find echoes of these attachments, although often this is a new approach to history.

Leisure prehistoric

Flintstones games Life Flintstones and Rabbl saturated, and to join them, find an interesting exercise.

Fred great bowling game, and a permanent captain.

  • Gonki
  • Raskraski
  • Pazly
  • Odevalki
  • Interior design
  • Pyatnashki
  • Sport


He will teach you deftly throwing fireballs, sweeping the track pins. But this is his sporting tastes are not limited, and he and his friends playing football, volleyball, work out in the filing. Yet he is a big fan of racing on different transport: cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even on a skateboard of the mountain. He goes round the obstacles and collect bonuses, trying to do it faster than others, to win the contest on points.
Clothing also plays a role in ancient society, because the characters are social life of – work, go to visit, movies, dancing and partying. Flintstones games for free are invited to dress up and dress in the closet most original: loincloths, capes, jewelry made of semiprecious stones and bones. They also appreciate the comfort and ennoble their caves. Help arrange the furniture and decorative elements, so that the hostess was nice to show off to the neighbors updated location.

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