Bernard games

Bernard games

Meet arctic bear Bernard and his company: Lloyd and Eva the penguins, Pilot the dog, Pokey the porcupine, baby Tyler and lizard with harmful patterns - Zack. On his adventures while they tell stories online games, Bernard, and you can play them for free. Mishutka always gets into funny situations, but it does not diminish his desire to travel. He is very active and loves sports. Join Bernard to ride on skates, play football or baseball. Practise finding identical memory cards and creative coloring prepared.
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Games Bernard at the North Pole

Bernard games It's time to leave the worries, and enjoy the rest. At such moments, I want to watch something light or play with toys filled with humor or creative tasks. Perfect Spanish animated series"Bernard", released in the amount of 156 series in 2006. All series lasted for three minutes, but this is enough to amuse the audience a bit gloomy humor.
Bernard games for kids fit even better, because staying in the genre of humor, yet a kind and simple. As well as the animated series in gaming products, told about a white bear. He is a great adventurer, inventor and lover of travel. His adventures lead to dangerous moments when life is threatened. All beginnings border with death, and only incredible luck and fortune to help avoid the irreparable.

Let's get acquainted, playing games Bernard

Bernardo share falls many tests, but they introduce him to the characters who become his friends. Sometimes adventure brings not the most pleasant meeting, but it is also a valuable experience from which it is not necessary to dismiss. To find out who had to get acquainted leading hero, look at the company.

  • – Bernard always somewhat surprised polar bear. He is the hero who is not really thinking about the consequences, throws himself into a new adventure;
  • Lloyd and Eve penguins –;
  • Goliaf – Chihuahua dog breed,
  • Zak – funny lizard. Builds funny faces and gives the protagonist some trouble. He is the antagonist in the story, but without it the story would lose its zest;
  • Dikobraz named Pokey;
  • Sobaka for Pilot named;
  • Santa Klaus;
  • Tayler – child.

Bernard games Bernard games Do you remember that Bernard is not the most clever and skillful bear.

Playing together in the game, Bernard

Bernard online games to choose from offering a simple yet intriguing range of entertainment:

    • Sportivnye sostyazaniya
    • Na speed and lovkost
    • Na pamyat
    • Pazly
    • Raskraski
    • Now he also led the team conceding the decisive goal in baseball. The coach punished him by placing in the center of the area and bringing down the top hail balls. Bernard have to move fast in order not to lose the sense of powerful blows. Try to avoid the balls and help to survive captured gloves and helmets.


      Next you will find the story of the game Bernard for another sports theme – football. This game is exactly like the boys. Choose whom to put in the gate, and who will score goals – Bernard Lloyd or penguin. Ask the direction of the arrow and hit the ball when the goalkeeper step aside. You can then change the characters places, allowing another participant to practice their football skills. Soon to be an important game, and you have to be in shape.


      Permanent frost cold continent does not allow to remain in place. Heroes of the need to move during the game, Bernard, to keep warm, and sports – — a great way to do it. But you can not throw and intellectual development. Bernard too carried away building a sports career and did not notice that memory has become worse. He was frightened when he realized this, and now together with you will start to restore it using memory cards.


      It is necessary to remember the cards images and find among them paired. Only after collecting all the pictures, you clean the area, ending the game. If you start it again, shuffled cards, and it will be a new game with a different alignment.


    Still bear a big fan of taking pictures of themselves during the adventure. He even has a favorite images, but the trouble is, they have torn – due to negligence. Bernard very upset and asks you for help. To appease the hero, let's put the puzzle pieces from playing the game, Bernard. When finished with this exercise, fill color coloring.
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