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Adam and Eve games

What it was the first biblical story of people will tell free online game Adam and Eve, if you play through all of the fun. The first man was missing in the heavenly tabernacles, and went in search of a woman. On the way he overcame the difficulties and endured hardship, forcing you to solve puzzles. A long way has finally been rewarded with a meeting with the beautiful Eva, who strongly Adam knocked on the head, and dragged into his hut. Long dwell locked the hero could not, and managed to escape. Before him dangerous roads with traps again and before you - a few exciting game pieces.
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Adam & Eve games Adam & Eve games first people, according to the Biblical story, was the man Adam and the woman Eve. In the beginning God molded Adam from clay, but then I saw that he was bored, and created Eve. The couple did not last long enjoyed in the garden of Eden. In spite of the prohibition to eat the fruit of apple, symbolizing the tree of life and wisdom, Eve tempted juicy apple, yielding to the entreaties of the treacherous serpent. Having tasted the forbidden fruit herself, she hastened to share with Adam. He, too, did not last long resisted, and now two of the first people angered its creator, and were expelled from paradise, learn about diseases, pain, hunger and shame.
Based on the story of the game and created Adam and Eve, although with a more cheerful interpretation.

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S as long as man has been banished from paradise, he tries again to get there, refusing to understand that this is impossible. But do not attempt to torture, right? Familiarity with the characters begins with a story in which Adam passed a lot of tests, trying to meet with Eva, and she was waiting for him in the Garden of Eden.
Do not look for authenticity and historically our character coexists alongside the dinosaurs, but actually missed our species for millions of years.

Thus, Adam is waiting for your actions, standing at the edge of the cave. Since the toy puzzle, every step should be to guess which steps will help the character to move on. By controlling the mouse, click on objects to Adam and to get them to move. For example, click on the rock, and he rolled, and then click on Adam, and he skipped to the next run the playground, where he was waiting for new job.
Next, make the beaver to gnaw the trunk, and fell a tree across the chasm, so that it formed a bridge. You will help the dinosaurs, turtles, fish, crocodiles and other animals, making natural movement, but it is very important in order to help in the passage. At the last level, Adam meets Eve, and she drags him into her house. That's the most romantic story of the first people on earth.

Adam & Eve games This is not all, and there is a continuation, in which the characters still act sometimes separately, sometimes together. There is even the opportunity to play together in the game Adam and Eve, searching for ways to overcome obstacles and traps. While Adam deals with enemies, Eva collects flowers at the field is part of the mission. The second part of the game Adam and Eve a logical extension, it is always interesting to know what happened to the characters later, when they finally united by bonds of love. It is not always so beautiful, life as we would like. It turned out to Adam and his wife is not sweet, it keeps him in a cage under lock and key. Anyone would want to run, and Adam can understand when he waiting for the moment to act decisively. Eve stole the key, while she sleeps, the hero runs into the unknown, and it is not even afraid of obstacles. And in the end he meets Cleopatra, who became his new wife.
The story of Adam and Eve 4 in the spent manner will continue to develop the idea of ​​adventure sweet couple, and precedes the game Adam and Eve 3, where Adam's heart could not bear the separation from Eve, despite the difficult her character, and he escapes from the bedchamber of the Egyptian queen to return to true love.

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Vo all games Adam and Eve, you can play for free and enjoy exciting adventures events that have befallen the people first.

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Est also game Adam and Eve for girls and another version with a labyrinth. You can choose a hero who want to control the Adam and Eve, and then roam the heavenly kuscham, collecting sweets and looking for a way to the second half, which is waiting for you at the end of the trail.

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