Golf Games

Golf Games

For many, golf seems to be a game that is not entirely clear and expedient, although it has become prestigious in Europe and the West. To negotiate a new deal, business partners go to the golf course and hammer balls into the holes with clubs. You may also like this activity, but to understand this, you need to play online golf games for free. Among the traditional versions, there are also specific ones, such as when the Egyptian pyramids, the desert, and even space become a golf course, and instead of ordinary balls, planets will have to be driven into black holes.

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How and when did the golf appear?

Golf Games

Golf is played in pairs or teams on the golf course, and the participants try to drive the ball into the holes with a golf club, trying to use fewer hits. It was invented by Scottish shepherds, who, having fun, drove ordinary stones with staffs into rabbit holes. Later, the staff turned into a club, and the stone turned into a ball. Golf was formed in the 14th century, and a century later it was banned. In the 17th century, it was played in the Netherlands, and in the 19th century, golf was finally formed in Scotland. Not only the rules were invented for it, but also the type of ball, as well as several types of clubs for different strikes.

Golf Games Online: The Equipment

The player can use up to fourteen types of clubs in the game, which vary in weight, shape, and impact force. The most common are:

Golf Games

  • Wood - has a massive head, makes the first stroke and hits the ball 300 meters.
  • Wedge - serves to hit the ball in the grass or sand for a short distance.
  • Iron - hits at 70-150 meters and has the shape of a spatula.
  • Putter - resembles the shape of the letter G, and rolls the ball into the hole.

The ball is covered with dimples that help it maintain its speed and direction of flight. The field where the golf game takes place is carefully looked after, cutting the grass, leveling the areas, and equipping them with obstacles. On large, professional fields, you can find lakes, sandy areas, shrubs and trees, and rolling hills. Holes are located at different distances, and the player must drive the ball into each one, following a certain order. Usually, there are 18 of them, but the number may vary, and the golf course is divided into three main zones:

  • Teeing area
  • Main zone
  • Special zones with holes

An important condition is that the ball cannot be touched by hands, and it can only be knocked out of any place with a club, even if it is stuck in branches or falls into the water.

Your online golf game

Golf GamesSince the sport has long settled on the Internet, it presents all its existing options, including golf. If only club members can play a real game, paying a lot of money for it, then everyone can play golf games online for free.

The choice is not limited to standard lawns and provides a chance to learn something new. It can be a stone age golf game or having some fun with Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Super Mario, pirates, chipmunks, and cowboys. The game can be played in outer space, hitting the planets, and driving them into black holes. Animals, monsters, and aliens actively play golf. For example, an elephant uses its trunk as a club, a squirrel hits balls with its foot, and a green Martian uses another alien in this role.

By hitting, you score points, and to win the game, you need to make a minimum of hits on the ball. Online golf game can be played in a city among skyscrapers, in an apartment, or on a desktop. Even such measured actions can cause excitement and the desire to win.

Interesting Golf Facts

You can also play mini golf. This option is often found in entertainment centers. It first appeared in the 19th century and gained recognition among its fans. The rules are similar to big golf, and the holes are sometimes decorated with antiques and have non-standard ways to pass the ball: a variety of traps, tunnels, and mechanized lifts.

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