Game Adam and Eve 2 online

Game Adam and Eve 2

Adam and Eve 2

Nothing lasts forever, and that's the pure love of the primitive Adam and Eve came to its inevitable end. Eva decided that her husband should now be in the role of a pet, so sharpen it in a tiny cage at a time when she enjoyed full freedom of movement. Adam was tired from this treatment and decided to put all their energies on trying to find a way out of his love trap. He waited until tiransha Eve falls asleep after a hearty lunch, stole her key, opened the door of his prison, and the speed of light flew into the wild. Oh, how sweet smell of complete freedom. Now you will be plenty to explore. Our hero will find many surprising discoveries, dizzy meetings and Adventures, after which a caveman would never be what he was before. Help Adam to promote the evolution of the wheel there is a reasonable down the stairs of his intelligence, to train him and tells the correct solutions to complex problems while for him!
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