Epic Boss Fighter games

Epic Boss Fighter games

If you run the online games Epic Boss Fighter, you'll get an arena of fighting with alien monsters. You have to play for free, to interrupt the attack space, whatever it is powerful. Oppose you the most aggressive forces that are difficult to win. If your hero is constantly developing, equipping it with modern achievements in the field of weapons, and to apply the logic of action of the enemy, you can cheat and win. Be sober, in order to quickly move to the perimeter, dodging enemy fire while picking up coins for the new arsenal.
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Game Epic Boss Fighter: unbridled Shooting

Epic Boss Fighter games Epic Boss Fighter games That offer games Epic boss fighter, can be called in one word – to shoot, and will have to deal with this from the very first seconds after loading toys.
Imagine a situation where from the hands of weapons will not let go for a minute. Even virtual character out of steam on this voltage, and it's really happening. At the end of each mission, you will see how the hero is trying to catch his breath after the job. He had no strength to go on, but the mission to save the earth is not yet completed, so the warrior named Blast little time to recover – only as long as you distribute the points earned between its characteristics.

What you need boys

If you were looking for a game in which the main occupation of – shootout, you have come to the correct heading. It's all the game Epic boss fighter with the most authentic military tasks.
– awful happened on Earth was attacked. Who! Of course, aliens. To us came not cute, harmless little green men, and aggressive humanoids, armed to the teeth. On their way, they brought with them the most modern and terrible weapons, which they did. Our hero is next to them looks pathetic creature with a toothpick against the raging of the tank and a formidable technique. Each level of the game Epic Boss Fighter – serious test where you have to destroy 10 alien bosses. They are huge and scary, fierce and ruthless. Each tentacle and the barrel throws lots of deadly projectiles, changing tactics of firing bursts – or scattered ammunition. Dodge these shots harder, but because they are alternate, you can track the order and time to regroup, using the mouse or keys control technique:

  • Epic Boss Fighter games – AWSD or computer mysh
  • Pauza – P 
  • Chit for infinite health J 

Na each game stage, you must collect coins – without them can not do, if you want to effectively resist such powerful enemies. These coins will be used for modernization of the characteristics of the hero:

  • – Costume robot protects against enemy sighting hit, increases resistance to them.
  • – Robot assistant than he is better, the greater the benefit from it in the clashes. Such a robot armed with their own weapons, and cracking down on monsters.
  • – Health contributes to the length of gameplay, supporting longer forces the hero.
  • – Cartridges set of ammunition and shooting speed increases.
  • – Speed ​​accelerate growth at the site allows you to maneuver quickly to avoid bullet wounds when the enemy attacks.
  • – Magnet pulls coins quickly, and gets them out of the most difficult corners.

Choosing the best action

Plot of the game Epic Boss Fighter intuitive – destroy enemy space was left alive. Finding classical shooting games may be terminated – you will find the perfect combination of complexity, diversity of opportunities and interesting scenario.
Over the two series of the game Epic Boss Fighter you will be able to enjoy the adventures of blasts which continues to improve, gets even more weapons, abilities and drones helpers.
Exterminate the most dangerous, bloodthirsty space bosses to clean up the planet from the enemy, and not to be lost to mankind. Be careful and bold, use every opportunity to earn coins and points to their score improve equipment. Soon, your strength will increase so that the enemy can not oppose anything to her, and will be forced to give up during the game Epic Boss Fighter. We hope for your courage and luck, and promise a free continuation of the heroic saga of the valiant warriors.

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