Infectonator games

Infectonator games

Usually offer to play on behalf of the hero who saved people from different enemies or viruses. But now you have complimentary access to a different role - to become a villain online game Infektonator which distributes zombie bacterium. Try to infect a greater number of citizens, who meet on the way, and it will get your game points. There are those who try to stop - police and army, but being a cunning and resourceful, you will achieve significant results. Your mission at any cost is to be performed. After each level, spend points earned to improve its virus.
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Igry Infektonator: the world has gone uma

Infectonator games online Infectonator games online Science has always been the engine of progress, and at the same time dangerous threat to all mankind. The further go in his research scholars, the more shocking discoveries are made, the greater the risk becomes. It all depends on whose hands will get the opening, and how to apply it, because an atom can give warmth and light, or turn into a weapon of destruction of an entire country.
Games Infektonator are you an idea of ​​innovative discoveries, which seems interesting, although frightening. Professor of scientific associations worked on the longevity of the vaccine, but instead received a zombie virus in vitro. If it did the other person, he would have probably scared of such a result, and quietly destroy it, as well as recording that led to the terrible fruit. But in this case would not appear Infektonator games, but you would not know what happened next.

A further, all the more terrible and strashnee

Zombovirus was applied to a man who was later released. Now imagine further events. Naturally, the infected person went for a walk around the world, occasionally nibbling healthy people.
The Company is not immediately guessed that his worst nightmare of horror movies came to life. After all, zombies do not exist, - they said chuckling. But the fact to change their minds, as a new service infektonatorov agents are engaged in rapid spread of the virus.
In contrast to the worn-out scenarios where heroes fight infection, Infektonator games offer a totally different version of themselves become distributors infection. The faster you will be able to spread the zombies bacteria among humans, turning them into walking corpses, the more points you earn. This is the goal that we must devote all efforts.

Ne afraid trudnostey

Infectonator games online Games Infektonator pass several levels, each more difficult. If at first it was necessary to only spray the virus among a large number of people, but now, when the terrorist attack was reported to the streets and the military police. They are armed and ready to destroy any suspicious type, so that they represent a serious obstacle to the achievement of your goal. But you continue to improve, as any villain with big, no huge egos. While your mercenaries working on the street, spraying the infection, you continue to work in the lab, crossing viruses and bacteria in the search for a particularly deadly infection.
If older people have learned to treat viruses, the last sample of exactly overpowering. The confrontation of good and bad guys continues all the time. Try to stay ahead of events, creating a more stable formula and deadly cocktails, and firing the next zombovirus walk in the crowd, immediately begin development of a new, even more frightening.
This will be possible if you have enough money, because such studies are expensive. You can earn during the regular attacks with the aim of spreading the infection.
It's time to become a master of the world, and will help in all this part of the game and Infektonator keys:

  • Myshka click on the people who are going to infect. If you hold down the left button, you can select an entire group of potential victims.
  • 1-4 choose one of the controllable characters.
  • R reloading.
  • Q select all the characters at once.
  • H treat infected.

Kto win this race infektonatory or the police? In each case individually, as the situation develops each individual player. Challenge yourself in the role of villain, and find out how much you are comfortable in it.

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