Tequila zombies games

Tequila zombies games

Heroes draw strength from various sources, and online games Tequila Zombies characters gain in energy of spirits from the agave plant. Start to play for free, and see for yourself in the power of miraculous elixir local flood. Fighting zombies is unfolding in Mexico, especially where a lot of the walking dead. Go with them in every way, but the best firearm to keep away the zombies close. Enemies are becoming more and forces at the end, but the life-giving breath of tequila restock energy and can continue to crumble dead sharp cutlass or shooting a machine gun.
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Igry Tequila zombies from sunset until rassveta

Tema zombies constantly used by developers to attract fans of horror movies in the category. And do the walking dead have long ceased to frighten us, and the ways of their final destruction is also well known to us. And yet, meet the game Tequila Zombies, where the authors of the"little"hint at the origin of the idea. You can not help thinking that the toy echoes the famous movie"From Dusk... ", correctly, -"... before dawn".

The death of all the zombies!

Tequila zombies games Tequila zombies games As in the movie, the action of the game Tequila Zombies 3, and the previous series, takes place in Mexico. Nearby visible flashing bar sign, and a pair of heroes against the night landscape of desert fighting with crowds of zombies.
Judging by their clothes forwards, until recently, they were simple hard workers, because they do not even have time to change after his shift overalls on the shroud. Apparently rebirth caught them in the midst of work and leaving the righteous works, they went to the bar, where the river pours tequila, and therefore, there is always next few relaxed customers, which can bite, contact your newfound zombie.
Background onset of vampires is unknown. Perhaps in Mexico has always been a small population living dead, do not go beyond the safe existence of ordinary people. And when that happened inadvertently, surpluses under the cover of darkness allowed to emigrate to the United States a free country of emigrants. She is no stranger to solve the problem of overpopulation, viruses, disasters and inexplicable phenomena. But back in the game Tequila Zombies 2 and other parts.
With a start passing, is not critical. Everywhere are coming like action, and the only difference is to collect bonuses.

  • Upravlyayte their geroem
  • Srazhaytes with crowds zombi
  • Podbirayte fallen bonusy
  • Podkreplyaytes tekiloy
  • Unichtozhayte dead one mahom

Navernyaka have crept into question, but why actually online game Tequila zombies? And then the tequila? This strong alcoholic beverage made from the local blue agave, and according to the authors it is ideal for combating eager to taste the flesh monsters. It not only supports the fighter force, and is able to become a weapon. Accumulated in the body of a certain dose of tequila, the hero washes blow to the army of the dead, and burn up their wave of fiery breath. For the Mexican zombies alcohol from cacti as deadly as garlic to vampires.

teeth away from the living!

Tequila zombies games The night seems endless. The longer the war lasts, and the more your account corpses of defeated, the more they appear again. The feeling is that the corner machine for the production of a zombie, and should destroy dozens, in their place, there are hundreds.
First, you have nothing except for a machete, but the sharp blade is able to take down the enemy's head for a long time, until the top has dropped the gun. It is a gift of heaven, and further would have to produce an arsenal of mostly independently, knocking out dead or buying in a store game Tequila zombies for boys.
on your account after the destruction of every enemy coming sunglasses, money, ammo, different weapons, tequila, health. You can choose what weapons will carry out their massacre of the enemy, and the control process is reduced to a few keys:

  • Dvigatsya forward / backward arrows left / right or A / D
  • Strelyaem probelom
  • Podnyat bonus or weapons will help S or arrow vniz

Stol simple operation helps to focus on the gameplay, especially when zombies are surrounded on all sides. It is time machines uncovering, under the provocative music and to dance the dance of death.

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