Office Slacking games

Office Slacking games

How to play the online game Office lazy girls can not tell. First, it is completely free, and secondly - what do the girls at work, and so it is clear. They are interesting to correspond by mail, send photos, to study in the mirror their appearance, drinking coffee with sweets, rather than work for the benefit of native office. By helping the heroine to perform her normal idleness, avoid catching the eye of a strict boss, or get it from the penalty. To be attentive, you can manage to paint Easter eggs, flower and grow good night's sleep.
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Office Slacking games for future sekretarsh

Office Slacking games Office Slacking games If you look in the middle of the day in the office, see the oil painting all employees focused on securities or fixed their serious look at computers. They decide important matters, I try to benefit the company. To solve a difficult problem, sometimes they call somewhere, and listen carefully to what they say on the other side of the phone. Chef can not worry about profit or statements of its employees work tirelessly to improve the performance, not sparing themselves and others.
At least so it seems from the situation. But if you want to know the true picture, start the game Office lazy. In a playful way, simply and tastefully you discover the secret of any office.
talking on phone touch anything, but just do not work. According to it, call in order to chat with friends, find a football score, order a pizza, and so on. The computer turns serious battle solitaires tanchikov, bombermenov and other computer toys, but not working with documents. And if someone is bent over the paper with a pencil, surely it plays in the sea battle, words, or noughts and crosses is a shopping list for the holidays.
We reveal the secret office everyday life, but it's just the tip of the rest can be found, if embodied in one of the heroines of the most ordinary office, playing games in the recreation office.

Milaya bezdelnitsa

Our heroine is quite attractive, but very lazy, and thinks that was born for the high aspirations, rather than vegetating in the office among the gray mass. But life is cruel, and runs over the head of a female, which does not suffer from subordinates idleness.

Office Slacking games Strogaya Ms. boss wants to catch you for an idle pastime, and you try to trick her, and doing completely different instead of boring duties:

  • Broniruete in movies bilety
  • Gladite plate

Esli thought, the heroine of the game Mess office so many important personal affairs, she did not have time to devote at least a few minutes of work.

  • Krasite resnitsy
  • Podvodite lipstick gubki
  • Rassylaete letter podruzhkam
  • Pete sok
  • Igraete on kompyutere
  • Zvonite podrugam
  • Perekusyvaete
  • And in vain boss angry, punish its fines if caught for idleness.

Be stubborn in their behavior

To win a war, you have to win battles. Games Office lazy over the series will educate you in the sense of resistance to all that is foreign to your subtle nature. Let others work, and you, and so wages are paid.
If you get the hand to shirk responsibilities and to make a number of cases of a personal nature, it is time to expand the list of actions. Do you have more time, which must be filled with something, such as a game of ping-pong. And if there is nothing comes to mind, you can just sleep right at your desk. Soon, you will master the skill to perfection idleness, playing games in the recreation office. Becoming a professional, you can under the noses boss to play basketball, do her hair, to communicate with social networks, make a mask of beauty.
Think it's impossible? You are wrong, because our heroine has achieved the title of guru idleness, and ready at the time of the game Mess office to teach you a lesson in how to seamlessly grow flowers, paint Easter eggs make and send valentines, prepare for a date. All this a few minutes, while his wife is busy with work or berating someone.

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