Simulation life games

Simulation life games

When left the game Sims, carried away by it all polls. Players watched the computer and created a family, who played in real life. Now there was a whole generation of such fun, offering to play Free Online Games Simulations of life. You can not just take care of the family or the child, and of any animal. At the same time the same rules – it is necessary to monitor the scale of life, pleasure and health, and when it starts to fall, offer pet food and drink, toys and clean up the room.

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Simulation life games

Simulation life games Let's play in life?

Among the most famous life simulator it was once SimCity, which initiated the development of this line of toys. He appeared in 1989 and is a global construction of cities with all its accents – pipeline, railway, agriculture, navigation and airport, schools, services, police, fire, shops and other necessary for each city organizations. In 2000, there was a simulator The Sims. Here the player had other tasks – The family-Shem, who were very mediocre life and is a virtual model of human behavior. This game, and the like are called simulators of God, where the role of the latter are the players themselves.

How to play the game simulation of life?

At first, selected members of the family, and there may be a different number. We must think of how they look, give ethnic features and dress up in your favorite clothes. Then the fun begins. There are several scales and it is necessary to ensure that they are always green. When a Yellow – the situation is getting out of control, and when the red Sim begins not simply capricious, and do strange things. If he wants to sleep, but you do not put him to bed, and he fell on the floor of a snore. If you need the toilet, but you do not have time to send it – just fill in your pants, and no matter where he is – at a party at home or directly next to the toilet.

Simulation life games Adults go to work, and the children of Shem – to school. They have mail and utility bills that need paying. It is necessary to periodically do the following actions:

  • to repair household appliances;  
  • to extinguish fires;  
  • to catch thieves;  
  • to clean the plumbing.  

Buying expensive things for them, you provide them a long green bar pleasures, hygiene, level of wakefulness. Sims like:

  • to communicate with friends;  
  • picnics;  
  • dance;
  • watching television;  
  • read magazines and many other things that are inherent to real people.

The possibilities of flash games

Simulation life games Simulator games of life, developed on the basis of flash is much less demanding on the finer points, but playing them still interesting, and most importantly – diverse. Today we can choose from a variety of directions and control your characters in the proposed situation. Playing, available to us:

  • explore different professions;  
  • to build a business;  
  • to provide care;  
  • The direct beauty.  

The girls enjoy playing in the hospital, kindergarten, mother, slaughter of animals, and toddler. Boys also tend to choose a simulator soldier and go to war online. You can also work as a taxi driver and « war » on the streets of his passenger. Competition is great and more people will become your customers, the more you will pay. Hurry to pick up a girl's voice or a man, and take them to their requirements. But your goal is not only to capture passengers, and the ability to maneuver in the flow of cars, so as not to get caught in traffic and come to the right place for a short time, otherwise people just jump out of your car and do not pay.

Each toy offers the conditions for the development of events caused storyline. But there are toys that are so universal that all will enjoy. For example, the farm does not know of separation by gender and everyone will find in this exciting direction not just a way to grow crops, multiply the number of livestock and poultry as well and earn money. Once in school, get ready to repel attacks classmates, using their own intelligence. In vain, I suppose, you are called a nerd? It's time to apply their knowledge in practice. Why, then, was to develop logic and teach these formulas?

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