Secretary games

Secretary games

professional career women often begins with the post of the secretary, even though she received an excellent education at a university. This step is very few people can miss, and therefore it is better to prepare for it and play free online games secretary. All she has to do in life, is displayed in the virtual fun. This coffee for the boss and his guests, printing of documents, faxing, telephone and photocopying. But still we can not forget about themselves – correct makeup, or manicures.

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The difficulties of the profession

Secretary games Each office is necessarily present secretary. This is the lowest step of the career ladder, but many girls begin with her. She – most versatile worker who knows everything and knows how. Without it, a harmonious working mechanism will fall apart piece by piece, but it is in place, no one really thought about it.

All the claims are presented to the secretary, if something went wrong, but if successful, the laurels are attributed to anyone, but not her. Since the work of the secretary, you have to be ready to take all the hardships bravely and go to the planned increase stubbornly and persistently. All difficulties and nuances of the secretary, you know, playing games for girls secretary. She, like many-armed goddess Kali is able to simultaneously perform a number of assignments. Chief never ceremonies and provides a lot of jobs, emphasizing the fact that they are extremely important and they must fulfill first. In the computer game, for your workplace, you will act as a chief assistant, trying to do everything correctly and on time.

  • Get ready to receive faxes;  
  • Print documents on your computer;  
  • To prepare the head of his favorite coffee;  
  • to send e-mail and written;
  • Taking care of flowers in the office;
  • have time to focus on yourself.

The secretary must always look good because if you do not have time to apply makeup at home, have to do it at work. But plucking eyebrows, coloring eyelashes and nails, summing sponges lipstick and applying eye shadow, watch carefully for the door cabinet chief. He always appears suddenly on the verge of trying to catch you for a non-working process. If he succeeds, be sure that you will remove the bonus and will make a severe reprimand. Therefore, once you notice the approaching monster boss, throw smarten up and grab the job. When the chef will make sure that you work hard, and hidden in his desk possessions, could return to the left with the appearance of the procedure, but do not lose vigilance.

Familiarize yourself with all the subtleties of the profession playing games Secretary

Secretary games Secretary games Sometimes the secretary so gets all this multi-tasking at work, she still flies just mad and starts to brawl. Here's one of them is clearly suffering a nervous breakdown because of sound mind no one will attack staff, shooting them crumpled sheets of paper, barricaded behind his desk. Try to understand the secretary and instead condemn help her deal with the team. Perhaps they brought it to such a state and the numerous nagging unbearable loads and only themselves to blame. But if throwing paper seems like child's play to you, then know that an angry secretary may even go to extremes. In her dreams, she took revenge on his boss many times for his unfair treatment of her in my head that there was a plan for how to punish him. Once the head of the turns, and his cup of coffee sent medicine, causing unpleasant ochuscheniya. And the longer it does not rotate, the more dangerous it becomes a drink.

When it is a holiday, all preparing for it, coming up with a suit and a treat, but the secretary has the additional task of – decorate the office and arrange a corporate party. Halloween on the nose and a young secretary should have time to send all the cards and cut the pumpkin terrible muzzle, but she kept distracted by extraneous things. To bring it back to the order, the boss always pays attention to it, so try to be focused and attentive. If you are not afraid of so many responsibilities, it is time to open the games for girls secretary.

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